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See your child becoming one of the strong readers, on a ten session free trial. Sadly, the reading journey can go in the wrong direction, especially for some of the brightest visual learners.  Then you will see the dreaded guessing of short, common words, possibly some flipping (b/d/on/no/of/for) and eventually a rising reluctance to engage with … Read more

Reading Intervention 6-11 year-olds

KS2 Reading Interventions Until now, reading interventions in the 6-11 age range have had poor outcomes, as you know. The reason is that most interventions are effectively more of the same old phonics. There is no reason to think that they are going to succeed, if the learner was in the classroom the first time … Read more

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How to see your child master reading in months, instead of years. Would you like to see your child begin to love reading? And would you like to see your child thrive at school and beyond, because they can read so well? That is what we are all about. Where are you right now? What … Read more

Special Needs Schools

The SSP for Special Schools “All Aboard has been absolutely brilliant. The progress that we’ve seen is phenomenal. All classes have made accelerated progress. There are huge numbers of SEND pupils here that are making the kind of progress we would expect to see with 5yo children without SEND picking up phonics for the first … Read more

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How to see your child master reading in months, instead of years. Here’s the essential thing to understand: Yes, most children learn some basic reading skills at school, but they can only master reading at home. Why’s that? Well, reading is a skill, like walking, talking and catching a ball. All skills require daily practice to master. Ten … Read more

SAIL Tutor Support

Expert Reading Tutoring 1. Do you have a bright child who is finding reading frustrating?2. Are you seeing guesses/errors with short, common words?3. Have you struggled to get a good explanation as to why that is? One of our Set SAIL Tutors can explain exactly what is going on and give you a path to … Read more

SAIL Training Intro

Set S.A.I.L. Intro Training I am delighted that you are interested in joining us for a 45 minute training on our Set S.A.I.L. process for reluctant readers. This training is designed for teachers and reading tutors becoming Set SAIL consultants. This is what you will get from the session: An overview of the neural process … Read more

SAIL Reading Consultant

Become a Set S.A.I.L. Consultant Would you like to become an independent reading tutor and consultant or a specialist within your school, able to coach all your colleagues towards amazing results?  We can provide you with the very latest knowledge and resources. Our mission is for every child to become a confident reader. You will … Read more