The All Aboard app

The All Aboard App Why Use the App? For thousands of years, children have learned to read with books. There is no question that you can learn to read fine with just books. But it is not always an easy or fun process. Our app integrates with the normal phonics lessons and can be a … Read more

Trainertext Magic

Trainertext Magic So what is the unique difference to All Aboard Phonics? The answer is our use of “trainertext”. Let me explain why. There is no question that a child has to learn to read through a phonics approach. English text is literally a letter-to-sound code. So to read any word, you need to know … Read more

Pigeon Forge Convention Offer

Pigeon Forge Attendees Special Offer Thank you for your interest in All Aboard Phonics! The offer is for our “Phase 2” Pack. Phase 1 is just for pre-school preparation for reading. If you are excited and order this starter pack during the weekend May 4-7, 2023, then we will give you an 80% discount on this … Read more

NCHE Conference Offer

NCHE Attendees Special Offer Thanks for your interest in our decodable books! Most early readers are packed with irregular words that children cannot figure out without help. That leads to dangerous guessing habits that can become chronic and need intervention.  Our decodable books build up in a natural progression… so a child can read EVERY … Read more

For Homeschoolers

For Homeschoolers All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn phonics that is light-hearted and research-based. Our goal is for every child to develop a lifelong love of reading.  Phonics is definitely the way to go with teaching a child to read, since text is a letter-to-sound code. But English phonics is … Read more

No Cost Switch

The No Cost Switch to All Aboard Phonics If you like the look of All Aboard Phonics, right now we may be able to organise a No-Cost Switch. That means that you can start using All Aboard Phonics without needing any budget to make the change. This is a programme we are running at the … Read more


All Aboard Phonics Reviews I would encourage people to use AAP because of the system and how it is structured. The manual is clear and it’s easy to follow and work through. We are seeing results as the children are engaging in the sessions and they are making the sounds in different areas of the … Read more

Hub Schools

All Aboard Hub Schools Become a Hub School All Aboard Hub Schools are schools with outstanding phonics provision that could host training and be a centre of excellence for other schools to look to. Hub schools are given:  A framed certificate and e-sticker for your website and/or letterhead Early access to new resources A £500 … Read more

All Aboard Phonics SSP with IMAGES

The All Aboard Phonics Package All Aboard Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) resource, designed to make teaching phonics easier, more fun and consistently successful: A fully tested curriculum based on Letters and Sounds methodology Unique intervention processes to boost class results New technology to make life easier All our resources are research-based to … Read more

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