Trainertextâ„¢ Magic

So what is the unique difference to All Aboard Phonics?

The answer is our trainertext phonics approach to reading. It makes reading practice so much easier, which makes the whole process so much less stressful for the learner and anyone trying to help them

So, what’s the trainertext solution?

We teach the children a single image for each sound. We then place those images above the text. So now, the child can decode any word. As soon as the letters are a bit confusing, the images above are there to guide them through it.

Here is the version for older learners:

It only takes minutes to learn the phoneme-image relationship of each ‘pictophone’. Then those moments of frustration and failure are now turned into a mini triumphs. The impact on the child’s psychology is huge.

And… by decoding the words each day, their brain maps all the letter patterns and they find themselves starting to flow through the text. They are learning to read in the same way they learned to walk, talk and play with a ball.

It really is like magic.

In just a 2-3 weeks the learner is using the images less and less, as their subconscious maps all of the letter patterns.

The hidden extra is that you will find the spelling development follows naturally. Committing spellings to memory is virtually a waste of time. In fact, it is worse than that because it encourages sight memorisation. But if you are reading in the right way, your spelling will improve naturally. 

Our ability to spell is a subconscious skill. I don’t even know where the keys are on the keyboard and yet these words keep appearing on the screen!