All Aboard Phonics Reviews

I’ve taught from other schemes and All Aboard Phonics. All Aboard Phonics is by far the best. I’ve seen the most progress. It is accessible for every single child in the class. You just need to adapt the teaching to the mastery approach."

It’s going really well. Really impressed and chuffed with the results. The majority of the children are getting 80-100%. Some are working at a slightly slower pace (EAL, SEN). Everyone is really enjoying it. I am quite excited about doing the Phonics Screening Check! I was saying to a colleague the other day - do I have to wait until June? I want to do it now!

Thanks for the update and your continued support and development of the scheme. We are really enjoying and making great strides in delivering and using All Aboard as well as developing some of our own practices using your resources. As you may be aware, we are currently working with the English Hubs on developing early reading using All Aboard and the assigned literacy specialist has been really impressed with our work so far.

“I love them! I think they are absolutely fabulous! The kids love them! They are able to decode. There are so many different things you can do with the books - talk about quotations, emotions, comprehension. They are perfect!”

We have recently had Ofsted. Early reading/phonics was a strength and Ofsted were really happy with AAP. They loved how trainertext was being used in other subjects to support reading. The Ofsted inspector had never seen anything like this before and said it was ‘revolutionary!’

"Phonics is taught in a systematic way. Adults make regular checks on the letters and sounds that children know. Leaders have ensured that staff are well trained in how to teach children to read. Staff use this knowledge to provide precise support for children at risk of falling behind. There is a consistent approach to the teaching of reading. Pupils are given books to read that match their knowledge of phonics. They use their phonic skills well to sound out unfamiliar words. Staff show pupils how to read fluently."

“Large text size, decodable, variety of topics that kids are interested in, colorful illustrations in which the characters are almost always expressing emotions/allows for teaching SEL simultaneously.”

The retention of phonetic knowledge has been very impressive. The children in Reception are remembering phonemes with the aid of the fun actions provided with the pictophones. The simple worksheets have provided opportunities for the children to apply their understanding and allow teachers to formatively assess day by day. The teachers feel extremely confident due to the clear planning provided. The suggested activities and resources are suitable for the age range and are easily adapted depending on the learners. The assessment tools are extremely easy to use and provided a clear picture of where the children are at as well as which areas of each phase need recapping before moving the learning on. The support we have received so far has been fantastic. If we have any questions, they are answered on the same day. The team at All Aboard have been incredibly receptive. I have never seen training before on issues as specific as these so they are so useful.

"The books have arrived and immediately made a big splash! Louise in Year 1 was absolutely thrilled this week to be using them - she said she's never had a guided reading session like it."

"Leaders have ensured that reading is at the heart of the curriculum. It is their top priority. Pupils read daily in school, and are read to every day. Staff receive regular, suitable training, particularly in phonics. The early reading curriculum is a strength."

“The bright colors, the big text, the fact that it follows the science of reading and follows exactly what we were working on in our grades is what sold us completely. We sure love the books!”

I want to say a massive thank you for all your support. The training over the last 5 weeks have helped secure my confidence, knowing I am on the right track. I have enjoyed teaching this phonics programme and my children are absolutely flying with progress and are enjoying learning all the rhymes and actions that go with the pictophones. We have already implemented strategies for children who are struggling with reading, and they are making great progress. We have started the intervention process and the use of the trainer text cards are genius in helping children blend and segment words. Thank you so much again.

"Children in the early years learn phonics well. In Nursery, children are exposed to the sounds they will be learning in Reception. The books that children take home are well matched to the sounds they have been taught. This helps children in the early years to make a quick start in learning to read."

"Leaders want every pupil to love reading and understand what they read. They have ensured that an effective reading curriculum is in place. All teachers follow the reading programme carefully so that each child progresses at the right speed. For those pupils who are taking a little longer to master phonics, teachers identify the support needed to catch up. Listening to quality texts is a key part of the school day, and pupils speak about the books they hear with enthusiasm."

"Just to let you and the team know we had our school improvement partner visit before half term to look at phonics in yr 1 and reception. She loved All Aboard! Especially your reading books. So thank you for involving us from the start."

I would encourage people to use AAP because of the system and how it is structured. The manual is clear and it's easy to follow and work through. We are seeing results as the children are engaging in the sessions and they are making the sounds in different areas of the setting and they are experimenting more with sounds - even the non-verbal children!

Our children love All Aboard. The Ofsted inspector could see how it was embedded throughout school - he loved the pictophones and the rhymes!

We absolutely love it. The kids are enjoying it so much. They love the pictophones. They are doing really well and making great progress.

The All Aboard Phonics assessment system provides fantastic data in regards to the diagnostics of elements of reading. It was also noted how hard all reading teachers had worked to use the assessment data available on AAP to identify GAPs and address these as seen in the increase of % on track compared to predictions in September.

I had the pleasure of watching and being involved in a phonics lesson in the Otter class this week. The children were really engaging in the new All Aboard Phonics lessons. Nearly all of the parents from Otter class are engaging in the parental app too! I love the pirate hat! What a great start to early reading for the younger children. The main reasons why we chose All Aboard Phonics is because it is lively, interactive 'poem' based sound teaching; it has actions for each sound to encompass the visual, auditory and kinaesthetic elements of inclusive teaching; and real-life images are used in the decodable books which promote better language development at home and in school.

The children have embraced AAP - they love the intro chant and the pictophones. I have completed DRTR training - I found it really helpful and couldn’t believe how the difference in font size makes such a big difference for some children. Since switching schemes, the children’s confidence with reading and phonics has improved dramatically

We love it. Think it’s fantastic. It’s really helping some of our children who are finding phonics tough. I love the fact that the pictophones represent a sound which can be multiple graphemes! Love the worksheets to support. I just love the scheme, I think it’s brilliant.