Frequently Asked Questions About All Aboard Phonics

All Aboard Phonics is a complete systematic, synthetic phonics programme for the early development of reading skills.

It is designed to enable children to start learning phonic knowledge and skills early in Reception, with a systematic introduction of the phonemes used in English.

They will then have the skills needed to continue towards becoming confident and fluent readers and writers through the rest of their elementary schooling.

The All Aboard Phonics programme is fully validated as an SSP by the UK DfE.

We have a full set of 57 decodable books designed to be both engaging and perfectly matched to children’s stage of development. 

These are also available on our All Aboard home reading app.

The All Aboard team has been working in literacy research and publishing since 2008. There is more information on that in the About Us section of the website.

Our research has been based around understanding the causes of reading difficulties that are normally seen. We have a unique depth of knowledge in the area of reading intervention. 

So we have now created processes for avoiding or overcoming difficulty for every child, whatever aspect of learning to read is difficult for them. All of that research has been built into All Aboard Phonics and our intervention pack All Aboard Phonics Plus.

Much of the program can be implemented at no cost. You can find information on our pricing page.

Pictophones teach reading the way the brain wants to learn: it’s visual and fun. With the help of visual prompts, a child can easily decode words correctly, even tricky ones. It’s ideal for visual learners, dyslexics, beginners, or struggling readers.

Each image represents a sound in the English language. For example, the Toad About to Explode represents the /t/ sound. The pictophones are an easy visual representation of the sounds of each phoneme.

All Aboard Phonics Plus is our intervention programme, designed to identify the cause of difficulty for a child and apply the right solution each time. It includes baseline assessments and end-of-stage assessments to help you guide each learner through to a positive outcome.

We can put you in touch with a school already using All Aboard Phonics, to discuss what they have seen.


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