Eradicate Employee Literacy Frustrations

Around 10-20% of your workforce will be underperforming their potential because they are not strong readers or writers.

That makes training inefficient (including H&S), team communications unsure and customer contact very hazardous.  

But, in just a few weeks of low cost support we can change that situation for those members of your team. That is our expertise.

The Reading Copilot Process

The unique ‘trainertext method’ we use in Reading Copilot is so successful because it focuses on “short and sweet” brain training sessions. Those work with how the brain likes to learn. It is all about the neurology of learning, which is why it works so much better than standard school processes.

You can expect you to see substantial changes in just 3-6 weeks of daily sessions. All they need is access to a computer for 15 minutes per day. 

It is then about consolidation of those changes, while building more and more confidence, accuracy and fluency. Our trainertext tutor will be monitoring their progress regularly to ensure a good outcome.


We will manage the whole process for you:

1 – We will set up each employee on the Reading Copilot platform.
2 – We will train them how to get the best results over Zoom.
3 – We will connect regularly for shared sessions and monitor their progress.

The cost of all this is just $450/£350 per employee for ten weeks of personal support.

Getting Started

If this sounds interesting, let’s set up a first employee for you and you can begin to see the impact this will have for them.