Decodable Book Libraries

UK Library

Our book library for the United Kingdom complements the weekly lesson plans in the All Aboard Phonics SSP – UK. The books for each week only use grapheme to phoneme correspondences already introduced. You can see the book charts here for titles and progressions.

UK Decodable Book PDF Samples

USA Library

The All Aboard Phonics USA library contains 32 books for Kindergarteners and 34 books for 1st Graders, each split over two affordable sets. Each connected text is 100% science of reading aligned and promotes decoding, vocabulary-building, and fluency. The books only use the letters and sounds you have already introduced. 

Each book in both series contains a list of comprehension and SEL question on the back page to foster classroom discussion or go deeper in small groups. The books have been used extensively for Grades 2-5 intervention as well. 

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