Decodable Book Libraries

Our All Aboard book library complements the weekly lesson plans in the All Aboard Phonics curriculum. There are two books for each week, divided into Set 1 and Set 2, which only use grapheme to phoneme correspondences already introduced. That takes all the frustration out of decoding practice for your pupils! Set 2 books are slightly easier, and we recommend purchasing those first.

Wordless Book Libraries

Our All Aboard Phase 1 wordless book library is designed for use in preschool or with English-as-an-Additional-Language groups. There are 18 wordless books which contain an activity page at the back with a suggested script, comprehension questions, plus a phonics i-Spy game to play. Students are prompted to spy a single focus sound in the illustrations of each book. The books are also valuable for to learn concepts of print like author, illustrator, and blurb, and to build awareness of plot, character, setting and other literary themes.