Reading Interventions: Elementary and Secondary

If you are stuck year after year with a bottom quartile of students who do not improve despite the best teaching and curriculum, then we can offer you a results-guaranteed solution that involves ZERO extra staffing.


We use a unique phonetic scaffolding system called trainertext to rewire the way the brain reads, that mirrors the normal visual-to-auditory decoding pathway. It is fully aligned with science of reading methodology and involves no cueing or sight-memorization… not even sight words!

The scaffolding methodology has undergone a RCT in the public school system in London, in a deprived area. 

Results showed an impressive two years of reading age gain in just 120 short sessions (about 4-6 months of intervention).

You can see the research paper on our Research page.

Age Appropriate

We have a program called Easyread for elementary ages, or a program for older children called Reading Copilot. You can select whichever program you wish to use for your reading population – the difference is only in the presentation, not the methodology. 

We all know how frustrating it is for older learners to be stuck reading “baby books” when their intelligence and interests are so much more mature. Having two streams takes away that problem.

Fully Tutored

The program is designed to run on 15-minute Zoom sessions that can fit into your school day without requiring extra teaching time. One of our trained reading specialists will guide your students to success.


We have been delivering reading intervention processes since 2008 and have worked directly with over 15,000 reluctant readers and dyslexics. We promise you will see improvements in your learners reading ability, or you can take a refund of your investment at the program end. We know budgets are ever tight… so we hope this makes taking the leap easier. Outcome-based pricing is incredibly rare in the field of education, but it shouldn’t be!

Automatic Tracking

We can provide monthly progress-tracking updates to the school on our basic improvement metrics of reading accuracy and reading speed. Other improvements you will see with your own eyes, in addition to your normal reading-age monitoring assessments. 

Video Tour of Trainertext Methodology

Here is a quick video tour of how trainertext can work, as seen in the Easyread online system.