All Aboard Phonics Phase 1

Prepare your preschool and nursery pupils for 100% phonics success

Are you satisfied that your phonics curriculum is producing the most school-ready 4 year olds in the nation? 

Or do you have some children leaving every year with weak segmenting and blending skills? These core auditory skills are the underpinning predictors for Reception success.

Our validated Phase 1 phonics scheme for nurseries and preschools includes: 
  • fully pick-up-and-teach daily lesson plans to cover the main Phase 1 objectives of environmental sounds, instrumental sounds, body percussion, blending, segmenting, rhythm, rhyme, alliteration and voice sounds
  • colourful posters and flashcards to decorate the classroom
  • a fantastic series of wordless books developed by primary school teachers
  • optional powerpoint/IWB lessons
  • a learn-to-read phonics app that is totally free

Free Learn-to-Read App

Our All Aboard Phonics home reading app is free for all All Aboard Phase 1 schools and can be sent home for parents. At this age, short and sweet lessons are key, along with lots and lots of repetition, as you know! The app provides bite-sized practice sessions for 3 and 4 year olds to do outside of the classroom. This is especially helpful for children who may not attend nursery every day.

Phase 1 Pricing

You can see the pricing for the Phase 1 Classroom Pack on our pricing page

Phase 1 classrooms can also upgrade to Premium membership to enable:

  • online assessments
  • data tracking
  • access to IWB/powerpoint lessons
  • Phonics Play Zone online games
  • the Trainertext Creator tool