The All Aboard Phonics Package

All Aboard Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) resource, designed to make teaching phonics easier, more fun and consistently successful:

  1. A fully tested curriculum based on 10 years of usage
  2. Unique intervention processes to boost whole class results
  3. New technology to make life easier every day

All our resources are research-based to get the maximum outcomes for your pupils. Our mission is to lift your results towards 100% success, while reducing your workload and stress. 

How to Move From 'Good' to 'Excellent'

Moving from good to excellent results in literacy is achieved by boosting the results of your struggling learners. We can partner with you to aim for 100% success each year.

Our particular expertise at All Aboard Learning is how to help those children in each class who find phonics hard. We have researched our intervention processes by working directly ourselves with over 15,000 struggling readers.

You can see comments from teachers and parents who we have worked with on our Easyread Facebook page. You can also see the independent academic study of our intervention processes here, which showed an average gain of 2 years of reading age in 4-6 months.

Online Tracking of Progress

Each teaching manual has an integrated assessment process, so that you can be sure the whole cohort are progressing together. With a Premium Subscription, you can do each assessment within your All Aboard Learner Management System and see the progress presented digitally for each child.

So… no more hours spent collating results on bits of paper or spreadsheets! See them all on your dashboards as soon as the assessments are done.

Never Lose Another Decodable Book!

We offer a complete set of decodable books for purchase that integrate with the curriculum, week by week. They have been getting rave reviews.

These decodable books are accessible to parents through our All Aboard home reading app if you subscribe to Premium. That means you can keep your printed copies safe in the classroom.

It also means you can release the new books each week at the click of a button.

Free Teacher Training

The training processes offered for phonics teaching are often awkward to attend and very expensive. We do not believe that is necessary with modern technology and a well-designed course.

Instead, we use a menu of free bite-sized online training sessions, which are convenient for teachers to access and allow consistency to be maintained across the whole team at any time.

On top of those online resources, we do regular twilight zoom sessions, which are also free for All Aboard teachers and TAs. You can also pick up the phone to chat with us at any time! You can read more about our training here.

Free All Aboard Home Reading App

Our app has games and activities designed to embed what you are teaching in the classroom.

Home reading practice can be hard to get happening, but your children will be asking their parents to log into the All Aboard Learn to Read app!

That bit of daily phonics practice will boost their progress, day by day. You can also see who is getting sessions done and who isn’t.

Fully Research-Based Resources

Everything you access through All Aboard Phonics is deeply researched from a the science of reading knowledge base, including work in neurology, linguistics, history, morphology and more.

The core curriculum reflects the Letters and Sounds process that has been used by thousands of British schools for a decade to great effect.

Added to that is years of research from our direct intervention work of almost 20 years. We have taken each of the struggling readers we’ve worked with from significant difficulty (usually 2+ years behind their peers) through to reading success. 

Want to Get Started?

Just send us an email at and we can organise a free sample pack of our resources for you to take a look at.