Reading Copilot Intervention System

Reading Copilot is our school reading intervention system for students aged 8+. It is not more of what has already not worked for these students. It takes a different path.

There are several advantages to using Reading Copilot:

Age Appropriate

All the materials in Reading Copilot are designed to be acceptable for older students. They will not feel patronised.

In addition, we use the books that they would really like to be reading, like Harry Potter. This makes them feel “part of the tribe” of readers.

Hands Free

The system is designed so that the student can do the daily sessions unassisted. 

This is the routine we recommend:

Age 8-9: The daily sessions done in class online with a weekly group session done with the classroom resources we supply.

Age 11+:  The daily sessions done at home with regular zoom tutoring sessions to check everything is on track (provided by the All Aboard team).

Evidence Based

We have been delivering reading intervention processes since 2008 and have worked directly with over 15,000 reluctant readers and dyslexics.

Trainertext Supported

You will find our trainertext presentation of text is a game-changer for these students who have struggled with reading for years.

It allows them to practice reading in the right way. That then builds their confidence and ability.

Automatic Tracking

We can review the progress made session by session, to check that the student is on track for good outcomes.

Free Trial

If you are interested, just fill in the form below to organise a free trial of Reading Copilot: