Policy Documents

All Aboard Learning Policy Documents Here are the main policy documents for the services we provide: Terms and Conditions Privacy Notice Data Compliance Assurance Statement Data Processing Agreement

How to Guide Your Child to a Love of Reading

How to Guide Your Child to a Love of Reading A talk organised by your PTA If you are visiting this page, you must have received a flyer from your PTA coordinator. Hopefully then, one of the dates below is the talk you want to book! Just click to reserve your seat on the Eventbrite … Read more

School Interventions Ages 6-10

Reading Interventions Age 6-10 Until now, reading interventions in this age range have had poor outcomes, as you know. The reason is that there are neurological reasons for a child to have struggled through the early years. Those need to be addressed. Just doing more of the same is unlikely to be a solution. Our … Read more

School Digital Premium Benefits

Benefits of School Premium All Aboard Phonics is designed to deliver a good solution using just our printed materials and our free home reading practice app.  But we can save you a lot of time and hassle with a few digital extras!  Here are the facilities you will get with a school premium account: Online … Read more

Struggling Readers Aged 6-10 Free Trial

Easyread Free Trial Test the first ten lessons Just click below to set up a free trial and finally see some proper progress with reading, even in the next ten days. Our only request is that you do then start doing the lessons. We find “ghost” accounts (which never get started) a bit disturbing, because … Read more

Easyread Initial Meeting Confirmation

Easyread Meeting Confirmation Great. Your meeting is booked. We will have a chat just to confirm that your child fits the patterns we would expect. We only want to promise success when we are sure of a good outcome. You will get a confirmation by email. Please put the time into your diary and we will … Read more

Struggling Readers Aged 6-10

Struggling Readers Aged 6-10 Trainertext phonics, the solution that really works… guaranteed You will find that there are lots of people promising results. It is very hard to know what direction to take, when there are apps and tutors and online solutions in every direction. But promises are easy to give and delivery of results … Read more

Codebreaker Research Study

Codebreaker Research Study We are running an academic trial of this new reading intervention for Key Stage 3 students.  The intervention will be delivered via online activities in a short session each day. They just need access to a laptop with headphones. Here are the outline details: We are collecting research data on the rate … Read more

All Aboard Codebreaker Intervention Service

Codebreaker Intervention System How does it work? Codebreaker is our new intervention process. It is based on our experience from working with thousands of struggling readers since 2008. The central problem with all reading impairment is that the learner struggles to get good practice done. That can be for a number of different reasons, but … Read more

The All Aboard app

The All Aboard App Why Use the App? For thousands of years, children have learned to read with books. There is no question that you can learn to read fine with just books. But it is not always an easy or fun process. Our app integrates with the normal phonics lessons and can be a … Read more