The All Aboard app

The All Aboard App Why Use the App? For thousands of years, children have learned to read with books. There is no question that you can learn to read fine with just books. But it is not always an easy or fun process. Our app integrates with the normal phonics lessons and can be a … Read more

Trainertext Magic

Trainertext Magic So what is the unique difference to All Aboard Phonics? The answer is our use of “trainertext”. Let me explain why. There is no question that a child has to learn to read through a phonics approach. English text is literally a letter-to-sound code. So to read any word, you need to know … Read more

Pigeon Forge Convention Offer

Pigeon Forge Attendees Special Offer Thank you for your interest in All Aboard Phonics! The offer is for our “Phase 2” Pack. Phase 1 is just for pre-school preparation for reading. If you are excited and order this starter pack during the weekend May 4-7, 2023, then we will give you an 80% discount on this … Read more

No Cost Switch

The No Cost Switch to All Aboard Phonics If you like the look of All Aboard Phonics, right now we may be able to organise a No-Cost Switch. That means that you can start using All Aboard Phonics without needing any budget to make the change. This is a programme we are running at the … Read more

Python/React Developer Position

Python/React Developer at All Aboard Phonics The Job Our vision at All Aboard Learning is to make the key learning journeys of primary school children easier, more fun and more successful, particularly for those children who have historically struggled. If you join us, you will be engaged in building substantial tech systems, designed to last … Read more


Free Downloads Current Customers As a customer we can link you to a full set of downloads for multiple resources, including our new powerpoint lessons, within your online account. Just click the resources link in the top menu once you have logged in.  Just Exploring All Aboard Phonics? One of the unusual aspects of All … Read more

Zoho Test

Zoho Test Webform Test Test Form 1 Title First Name Last Name* School Email Phone Mailing Street Mailing City Mailing Postal Code Mailing Country

Parent Information

Parent Information All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn to read through phonics. Your child’s school may have started using All Aboard Phonics in their classrooms, or maybe you have heard about us in some other way. All Aboard can help your child in both situations. All Aboard is designed for … Read more

Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions 18 May 2022 Welcome to (the “Website”). This Website (and its linked assets the All Aboard mobile app and the sister website is owned and operated by All Aboard Learning Ltd. If you have any questions relating to this Website and our other assets, you can email us at … Read more

US Pricing

Science of Reading Curriculum Materials Decodable Books Phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension are the three pillars of Science of Reading. Connected texts that are aligned to your curriculum are the only way to build all three at once.  Our Kindergarten and 1st Grade series are truly decodable, with just a handful of high-frequency sight words. … Read more

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