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Printed Resources

We believe that All Aboard is the best phonics SSP available in the UK today. Ofsted data from our partners schools remains exceptional, with inspectors calling our scheme “revolutionary”. We set the highest bar for all of our print and online materials.

Your first port of call is to obtain a classroom set of high quality resources. This includes teaching manuals, multiple flashcard sets, decoding/spelling tabletop aids, and some great posters to enhance the classroom. You can browse pictures of our resources “live” on our Reviews page

You can also flip through a lo-res version of our Phase 2 manual here. You can then order a full resource set via the button below. 

Free Home Reading App

The All Aboard phonics app will complement the work you are doing in the classroom. It gives your pupils useful practice after school or on weekends. To see the All Aboard app for yourself, just download it from the app store and set up a free home account.

Because the app reading practice is game-based, it is also much more likely to happen in those homes where reading routines are weak.

We can automatically connect each parent to their child’s account on the system. So this is a no-hassle option for you.

Free Training

Training for teachers, TAs and parents (yes, parents!) is always free at All Aboard. We believe that the strength of any SSP hinges on effective delivery, and we do not charge a penny for our full training suite.

Printed Decodable Books

We also offer a high quality set of decodable books, with two books per week of the curriculum. Here you can view the range of titles in Set 1 and Set 2.

Click the link below to see our book set order form.

Decodable Books E-Library

Your children can also access all our decodable books through the All Aboard home reading app. While the lessons are forever free, an e-library subscription is a part of our premium package, which is quoted depending on your school size.

Premium Subscription

All Aboard is committed to remaining an affordable option that any school can access within their budget. Our classroom bundle of print resources is built to last you many years of wear and tear. 

As an All Aboard school, you can also opt in to our Premium membership. This bolts on:

  • online progress tracking and assessment
  • smartboard/powerpoint lessons
  • decodable e-library subscription
  • downloadable printables like sound mats and reference sheets
  • online pictophone trainertext creator tools
  • Phonics Play Zone access for e-games

Get Started

Feel free to email us the order form above for any printed resources. To enroll in Premium, just send us an email to

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