USA Reading Interventions

Reading Interventions: Elementary and Secondary If you are stuck year after year with a bottom quartile of students who do not improve despite the best teaching and curriculum, then we can offer you a results-guaranteed solution that involves ZERO extra staffing. Evidence-Based We use a unique phonetic scaffolding system called trainertext to rewire the way … Read more

Special Needs Schools

The SSP for Special Schools “All Aboard has been absolutely brilliant. The progress that we’ve seen is phenomenal. All classes have made accelerated progress. There are huge numbers of SEND pupils here that are making the kind of progress we would expect to see with 5yo children without SEND picking up phonics for the first … Read more

Functional Eye Test

Functional Eye Test Issues Most eye tests are done with a chart on the far wall. However, some people have difficulty with convergence of their eyes on close objects. You can test for this by getting the learner to read a series of random number sequences in descending font size, starting at around 40pt font … Read more

Referral System

All Aboard School Referral System Referring Schools Any All Aboard school that refers another school to All Aboard receives a £250 voucher per school to use on any All Aboard expenditure. There is no limit on schools referrals (or vouchers!). Referred Schools Any referred school who joins All Aboard Phonics will receive the following for … Read more

Research Basis

Research Basis for All Aboard Phonics All Aboard Learning began as Oxford Learning Solutions and has been a research-based organisation since 2008. We have collated different strands of research into the causes of reading impairment from different domains of the research community, in order to get a global view of the possible causes of reading … Read more

AUS Pricing

Australia Pricing Classroom Resources To purchase bundles, click on the order form button below.  Resources Order Form Free Training Training resources are free for All Aboard schools. We want you to maximise the knowledge and skills of your team. Decodable Book Library Our high-quality, durable sets of decodable books will last you many years of … Read more

UK Pricing

UK Pricing Printed Resources We believe that All Aboard is the best phonics SSP available in the UK today. Ofsted data from our partners schools remains exceptional, with inspectors calling our scheme “revolutionary”. We set the highest bar for all of our print and online materials. Your first port of call is to obtain a … Read more

Phase 1 Ages 2-4

All Aboard Phonics Phase 1 Prepare your preschool and nursery pupils for 100% phonics success Are you satisfied that your phonics curriculum is producing the most school-ready 4 year olds in the nation?  Or do you have some children leaving every year with weak segmenting and blending skills? These core auditory skills are the underpinning … Read more

Video Testimonials

All Aboard Phonics Video Testimonials Whitfield Valley Primary Schol Rosliston Primary School Ampfield School Pennine View School

For Homeschoolers

For Homeschoolers All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn phonics that is light-hearted and research-based. Our goal is for every child to develop a lifelong love of reading.  Phonics is definitely the way to go with teaching a child to read, since text is a letter-to-sound code. But English phonics is … Read more