Parent Information

All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn to read through phonics.

Your child’s school may have started using All Aboard Phonics in their classrooms, or maybe you have heard about us in some other way. All Aboard can help your child in both situations.

All Aboard is designed for children just starting to learn to read. If you have an older child who keeps guessing words or making mistakes with short words, we would recommend you check out our website. It has lots of information on why learning to read is often hard for some of the brightest children and how to get things back on track.

The All Aboard Home Reading App

The All Aboard Learn to Read app is based around a series of games that activate the key skills needed for reading. An optional upgrade to a pro subscription for accessing our extensive e-library of decodable books is available in-app if you are not linked to a school. If you are linked to a school, this is often included in the school’s membership. 

Visit our app page for more information.

Training Videos

Your role in helping your child learn to read is crucial, because your child needs to do 10-15 minutes of supported practice each day.

If your child’s teacher tried to do that with 30 children, it would take 5 hours each day! So clearly that is not an option.

We can guide you through to success with your child. Just check out our short training videos. In particular, if you follow our 6 Golden Tips to the letter, we are confident it will all go well:

Parent Information Sheet

Click the button below to download a PDF with all the information you need to support your child’s progress with All Aboard Phonics.

Decodable Books and Other Resources

If you would like to order a set of decodable books for extra practice at home, or any of our tabletop resources, please visit our online store.