Trainertext Reading Tutors

If you want the support of a local trainertext reading tutor, we can put you in touch with one and set you up on our Reading Copilot platform.

Trainertext tutors go through a rigorous training process before receiving accreditation. At that point, they are able to:

– quickly assess the cause of frustration for your child
– design a targeted solution
– guide you both through a Reading Copilot course of development

It is that combination of personal support and technology which leads to routine success, even with children who have struggled with reading over a number of years.

Reading Copilot Process

The trainertext method used in Reading Copilot is so successful because it focuses on “short and sweet” brain training sessions. Those work with how the brain likes to learn. It is all about the neurology of learning. You will see the difference almost immediately.

You can expect you to see substantial changes in just 3-6 weeks of daily sessions of 10-15 minutes. 

Your child’s foundation to their reading will have already changed at that point. It is then about consolidation of those changes, while building more and more confidence and fluency.

The cost is just £80/$100 per month plus a £50/$65 setup fee. That covers your daily Reading Copilot online session plus up to three tutored sessions per month.

This makes it an affordable solution for almost anyone. If it is not affordable right now, please contact us to explore sources of finance that can help you.

Free Trial

The first step is to get together with a tutor, to explore your situation and work out a plan. 

You can then do a first session together on Reading Copilot to see how our approach works.

Only when you are confident that there is a light at the end of the tunnel do you need to subscribe.

Find a Tutor

If this sounds interesting, we can connect you with an accredited tutor. They will then meet up with you on Zoom for a free introductory session for you and your child. Just get in touch.