The All Aboard Learning team has been working in literacy research since 2008.

Most of our research has been with struggling readers, through intervention work using our Easyread System. The Easyread System is a tool we created to do research while helping children. We have worked individually with each of the children to map their journey.

By developing a deep understanding of the cause of difficulty for each child and testing different solutions, we have developed some unique solutions for the learn-to-read journey

That research process has involved helping over 15,000 struggling readers reach reading confidence. The success rate has risen slowly to over 99% in the past 5 years. Have a look through the sort of testimonials we have received on Facebook from the teachers and parents of the children we have worked with.

All of that acquired knowledge has now gone into All Aboard Phonics, our All Aboard home reading practice app and our All Aboard Codebreaker intervention service

The foundation to our approach is to understand why a child might struggle to read and then build resources that avoid or overcome those causes of difficulty. 

During our research we have identified 9 main causes of reading difficulty. Each cause of difficulty has a neurological basis, which we can explain to you. You can attend one of our training courses to learn about them.

All of the above resources have an understanding of those 9 main causes of reading difficulty built into their learn-to-read processes. That is how we can achieve our mission of 100% success for the children using our resources.