See your child becoming one of the strong readers, on a ten session free trial.

Sadly, the reading journey can go in the wrong direction, especially for some of the brightest visual learners

Then you will see the dreaded guessing of short, common words, possibly some flipping (b/d/on/no/of/for) and eventually a rising reluctance to engage with reading at all. 

The truth is that less than a third of children become really proficient readers, even though we find every child can become a good reader with the right guidance and resources.

Overview of the Easyread System

If you want to see your child surge forwards with their reading in the next few weeks, that is what Easyread has been built for. We even guarantee it (see below).

Whatever stage you are at, Easyread will deliver fast, effective changes to how your child is reading. Scroll down to see the Facebook reviews by parents describing exactly that.

You can watch the video below to get a sense of what you get with an Easyread subscription:

Using neuroscience

Our aim is to build learning materials your child wants to engage with.

Imagine having your child ask to do reading practice each day!

We have used neurology to build a system that also ensures you are on the fastest path to success. We can even guarantee the results you see as a result.

Guaranteed results?

Yes, we guarantee that you will see a clear leap in accuracy and fluency in just 30-60 sessions. And it only takes 10-15 minutes per day. If we can’t achieve that, you can take a refund, but our expectation is 100% success.


We have worked with thousands of dyslexics and seen great results. Some of them have become our strongest readers.

A lot of dyslexics are very bright and have superb visual memories, which allow them to memorise whole words as pictures. You will then see lots of guessing short words (because they look similar). You will also see their reading hit a plateau and their spelling is always atrocious, even though they have learned the spelling list each week.

The good news is that if your child is dyslexic, there is a good chance that the cost of helping them sort out their reading will be covered by the state and we can help you make that application. Just contact us to explore that.

What you get with Easyread

Our mission is to get every child loving reading. That’s why we built the Easyread System.

It has been used by thousands of parents around the world since 2008. Check out the reviews further down this page, to see what those parents say about it.

What you get is:

1 – Access to our online platform for your reading practice each day.
2 – A complete training system to make it fun and easy for you.
3 – Regular tutoring sessions over Zoom.
4 – Clear tracking of progress.
5 – Peace of mind through our guarantee.

Easyread is designed to work with whatever your child is doing at school. We have never had a conflict. In fact, teachers are just delighted to see the surge of confidence in each child.

Free Trial

We understand that you might be a bit hesitant about what we are saying, even though you do want the outcome.

For that reason, we are happy to run the process for you over the first ten sessions, free of charge.

You will already see the positive impact on your child coming through, even in that short time.


The cost of delivery varies from child to child, depending on the situation and the input needed from us. 

Once we have done the free trial together, we can give you an accurate price for what the cost will be for a clear breakthrough in your child’s reading ability.

If you are unable to afford the sort of support we give,  but you have a child who clearly needs help, then we can apply for that help together from your local education authorities.

Next Step

I hope you are excited by what we are saying is possible. We are totally committed to getting great results for every learner.

Our next step is for you to do some sessions on the Easyread Platform to see how it is for your child. Just click below if you would like to do that:

If you don’t think you want to test the Easyread System, then we can share some tips to make learning to read easier and faster for any child:

Easyread Reviews:

You can check our Facebook reviews to see what others say.

Here’s a selection:

"Do I need to bother?"

Good question… is this all really worth it? Don’t all children learn to read in due course? And surely… the teachers have the answers to any problem faced.

Yes, most of us think children learn to read just fine at school. But here’s the grim reality:

1. When it does go well, it normally takes 3 years for a child to learn to read.
2. A stunning 25% of 11 year-olds cannot read at even a basic level. This includes lots of bright visual learners and dyslexics. At least another 25% can only get a basic “pass”, which means less than half can read proficiently at the age of 11.

You can check the latest government figures for the United Kingdom and United States. Make sure you are sitting down before you do!

It’s almost unbelievable, isn’t it? Those results prove that the conventional approaches to reading are both slow and inconsistent. When things go wrong, most schools do not have the training, tools or human resources needed to fix the situation. 

And it has always been like this. Successive governments have tried to fix it, but without success. The “Reading Wars” have raged for over 100 years, with the approach being used in schools changing every 20 years, with no impact on these figures.