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Science of Reading Decodable Books

In our decodable books, every word is readable by the child. So they are not faced by the frustration of multiple words that do not follow the phonics rules they have been introduced to so far. This improves progress and reduces stress for everyone.

The books are all designed to be fun and entertaining too, so that the children want to read them.

There are 32 books in the complete kindergarten set, grouped in 16 pairs with new letters introduced with each pair.

We also introduce 1-2 key tricky words with each step. These are just a few key words that are not so easily decodable, like ‘the’, ‘is’ and ‘was’.

You can see our phonics progression here, along with the book titles for each step. If your phonics progression is not exactly the same, these books will still work well, so long as it is roughly similar.

Pricing & Discounts

The list price for these books is $7.50 per book. We can do a 20% discount on 1-5 complete sets, a 25% discount on 6-29 sets and a 30% discount on 30+ sets.

Budget Stretcher Option

If you need to get more books, but you don’t have enough free budget, right now we can deliver the books for you and take a part-payment, with the rest paid in your next budget cycle.

Please note that this is a temporary option, so please place your order now if you want to make use of it.

Placing an order

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