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Phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension are the three pillars of the science of reading approach. We believe that All Aboard is the best science of reading phonics implementation available in the world today. Our partners schools’ data is exemplary, and phonics experts are calling our program “revolutionary”. As such, we set the highest bar for all of our print and online materials. As a reminder from the main program page, All Aboard Phonics includes:

  • Smartboard and paper-based daily lessons, with worksheets
  • Flashcards, friezes, and posters for the classroom
  • Online tracking and teacher dashboards
  • Lesson manual for Tier 2 or Tier 3 interventions (small group or 1:1)
  • Free online teacher/paraprofessional training
  • Free home practice app

As a school, your first port of call is to purchase an affordable classroom pack. You can browse pictures of our resources in real live classrooms on our Reviews page and you can flip through a low-res version of our beginner Kindergarten manual hereThen place your order via the order form below. 

Real Decodable Books That Children Want to Read

Decodable books mean that students are not faced by the frustration of words that break phonics rules. But you will know that a lot of phonics books are really quite dull.

Our books are fun and have meaty plot arcs. Children actually want to read them. After all, developing a love of reading is the end goal!

We offer 2 books per week of the year for both Kindergarten and 1st Grade. Click to view the range of titles in Set 1 and Set 2. Teachers love these decodable texts!

“I love them! They are absolutely fabulous! The kids love them! They are able to decode. There are so many different things you can do with the books – talk about quotations, emotions, comprehension. They are perfect!”– C, Literacy Coach, Marlborough School District, CT 


All Aboard Home Reading App

The All Aboard phonics app is free for parents to download, with daily 10-minute lessons that complement the work you are doing in the classroom. To see the All Aboard app for yourself, just download it from the app store and set up a free home account.

Because the app reading practice is game-based, it is also much more likely to happen in those homes where reading routines are weak or parents may not be English-speakers.

For Premium members, we can automatically connect each parent to their child’s account on the system, and then enable you to track progress on the app. 

For non-Premium schools, the app can still be downloaded for free by parents.

Free Training

Implementation training for teachers, paraprofessionals and parents (yes, parents!) is free at All Aboard. We believe that the strength of any SSP hinges on effective delivery, and we do not charge a penny for our training suite.

Premium Subscription

All Aboard is committed to remaining an affordable option that any school can access within their budget. Our classroom bundle of durable print resources is built to last you many years of wear and tear and represents your minimum investment. 

However, you can also opt in to our Premium membership on the All Aboard Learner Management System. This bolts on:

  • online progress tracking and assessment
  • smartboard/powerpoint lessons
  • class app acess and decodable digital library subscription
  • downloadable printables like sound mats and reference sheets
  • online pictophone trainertext creator tools
  • free Deep Dive into Dyslexia training webinar access (value $95)
  • Phonics Play Zone access for digital games
  • Phonics Revision Workbook for each pupil (value $10 each)

Entirely Research Based

These curriculum materials, based on our work in the UK, are thoroughly tried and tested. A science of reading approach has been at the core of all literacy instruction in the UK for nearly 20 years. 

The early All Aboard Phonics curriculum progresses at a faster rate than is common in the US, but we find US children respond just as well to the faster pace as UK children. It gets them into reading real words and books much sooner, which makes it more fun.

So you can be sure you are working with a process that is effective and tested. For more about the research behind All Aboard, review our research page.

Integrated Interventions

Within any class there are some children who will find a phonics approach hard, but we have also spent the past 15 years researching new interventions to help those children. Our mission is 100% success in each class.

As you work through All Aboard Phonics, your assessment dashboard will highlight which children are struggling. That is quite normal in any well-founded program, but now you will have an action plan to implement. You will know why the child is struggling and exactly what to do about it. That feels a lot better than just hoping for the best!

We have summarized our research into the causes of reading difficulty in our book The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty. Have a think to see how many causes of reading difficulty you can list before reading the book.

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If you’d like to learn more about switching over to All Aboard Phonics, email us at with your school details.