Becoming a Trainertext Tutor

We are excited that you are interested in becoming a Trainertext Tutor. It is our mission to make that a great experience for you. That way we can reach the most children with trainertext magic.


A key part of life is finding the job or role in life that fits you best. So this won’t be for everyone, but for the right person it is a dream job. 

These are the main advantages of being a Trainertext Tutor:

1 – Satisfying Results

You will be working with highly effective materials which lead to successful outcomes. Our expectation is 100% success.

2 – Independence and Control

You will be operating as an independent partner of All Aboard Learning. That means you can format this in the way that suits you, either as a full time profession or in a part time routine that fits around other commitments.

3 – Great Income

We recommend short tutor sessions, which means you can deliver great outcomes at a low cost for your customers and at an excellent hourly rate for you. You can also expect some passive income from our subscriptions to your clients as well (see below).

Bespoke Training

The first step of our tutoring is for you to meet the potential learner online and understand what they need. Our training will allow you to do this effectively.

As part of this you will do a simple analysis of the patterns you are seeing.

You will then set the client up with an account on our platform, so that they can do a short daily reading practice session with trainertext support.

You will do a weekly session, which will usually be just 10-15 minutes. This will allow you to provide motivation and support to the client, while monitoring their progress.

All the meetings can take place online, but it is quite possible to run in-person sessions locally, if that suits you and the client better.

The Onboarding Process

In order to become a Trainertext Tutor, you will need to gain the knowledge and understanding needed for success.

To make that quick and convenient we have an online training process. You can fit it around your current commitments.

Once you have completed your training processes, you will begin a simple accreditation process prior to becoming a novice Trainertext Tutor, working under supervision.

Marketing Support

We will share resources and techniques for marketing yourself to parents as a local tutor. As your reputation grows, you will need to do less and less active marketing.


The financials of this are simple:

  1. You keep all your tutoring income from parents. We can help you set up easy ways to receive payment online from them too. You can set that rate. The normal rate is around £1.00/$1.20 per minute for a 15-20 minute session.
  2. You also get a percentage of our income from your parent customers too. We will be providing online resources for them.
  3. We will employ you directly by the hour for any support of schools and employers.

Getting Started

If this seems exciting, the first step is to send over a simple CV. We can then set you up with your initial training process, if the fit seems to be a good one.