How to see your child master reading in months, instead of years.

Here’s the essential thing to understand: Yes, most children learn some basic reading skills at school, but they can only master reading at home.

Why’s that? Well, reading is a skill, like walking, talking and catching a ball. All skills require daily practice to master. Ten minutes per day of 1:1 reading practice for a teacher with a class of thirty children is five hours per day. It’s impossible for a teacher to deliver.

What does that mean? It means you are the key to your child’s success. And success with reading really is critical.

Is there anything more critical for your child’s future? Learning to love reading is literally life changing. Research shows that weak readers are at a huge disadvantage, in terms of school results, opportunities and average income.

Lots of bright, visual children have the most difficulty with reading. This is not about intelligence. In fact, if your child is super bright it is particularly dangerous with reading, in ways we can show you. You will often see early fluency, combined with funny guesses and errors with short, common words. Those guesses will just increase with time.

Would you like the good news…? You can see your children master reading in weeks instead of years, with the right online tools, guidance and tutor support. We have done that thousands and thousands of times, for children at all ages. Our youngest have been 3 and our oldest so far was 73. It’s never too late!

Let’s have a look at how we do that.

The Engineered Path

Helping a child learn to read can be baffling and stressful as a parent. You may have already experienced that! It can be hard to know how you should be helping. It can involve hundreds of hours of stress and frustration for both of you, if you head in the wrong direction.

What we all want is a fun, relaxed experience each day, that gets quick results. Imagine having your child ask to do reading practice each day!

In our experience, the only way to ensure a fast, easy outcome is a hybrid combination of advanced online tools for your daily reading practice together, combined with personal tutoring to guide you both along the fastest path to the right outcome.

That is what we love to do. We have helped thousands of parents and their children in that way.

We combine a neurological understanding of reading with online, adaptive software, that works with the strengths and weaknesses of each learner. Then our tutors will ensure you get the fastest results and deal with any frustrations your child has.

What the Easyread Reading Excelerator will give you is:

1 – An accelerated path to excellence (hence “Excelerator“)
2 – More joy and less stress, every day (hence “Easyread”)
3 – Guaranteed results

Guaranteed results? Yes, once we have accepted you as a partner in this process for your child, we guarantee that you will see a clear leap in accuracy and fluency in just 30-60 days of practice. And it only takes 10-15 minutes per day.

In addition, if you are not feeling like it is what you expected after the first ten lessons, you can cancel for a full refund at that stage too. We only want happy clients!


Spelling frustrations are almost always based in the reading patterns of the child.

For instance, when you see short word guessing in the reading, the spelling in free writing for that child is almost always atrocious. But quite often they can learn the weekly spelling list fine.

The reason is that the child has a strong visual memory and can memorise the words for the week, but it becomes much harder to recall those same words visually when writing normal text a week or two later.

What that means is that the weekly spelling list is actually making their reading and spelling problems worse, because it is training them to memorise the shape of whole words.

The good news is that we routinely see the spelling begin to fall into place once the reading strategies have been changed. It comes as a free bonus most of the time!

The Excelerator System

If you do want to accelerate the progress of your child’s reading, what we can offer you is our home reading development solution, the Easyread Reading Excelerator

It is the best available, as far as we know. It has been used by parents around the world since 2008. 

What you get is:

1 – Access to our online platform for your reading practice each day.
2 – Regular tutoring sessions over Zoom.
3 – Specialist support and guidance.
4 – Tracking of progress.
5 – Guaranteed results.

Your commitment is 10-15 minutes per day, plus a bit of early instruction on how to get it right, unless you want us to do the daily sessions.

Because we offer guaranteed results, the cost of delivery varies from child to child, depending on the situation. We need to assess that in a free introductory meeting on Zoom and give you a quote, which will then be a commitment on our part to deliver the outcome.

Next Step

I hope you are excited by what you are seeing is possible.

My question for you is: “Are interested in a fully supported solution that guarantees the best outcome for your child?”

"Does it really work?"

People often ask themselves if it’s too good to be true. There are two strong bits of evidence that it does work:

1 – Our guarantee would destroy us if we didn’t routinely deliver on our mission.
2 – You can check our Facebook reviews to see what others say after using the process. 

We like Facebook reviews because you know that they are from real people, not written by some review writing team!

"Do I need to bother?"

Good question… is this all really worth it? Don’t all children learn to read in due course? And surely… the teachers have the answers to any problem faced.

Yes, most of us think children learn to read just fine at school. But here’s the grim reality:

1. When it does go well, it normally takes 3 years for a child to learn to read.
2. A stunning 25% of 11 year-olds cannot read at even a basic level. This includes lots of bright visual learners and dyslexics. At least another 25% can only get a basic “pass”, which means less than half can read proficiently at the age of 11.

You can check the latest government figures for the United Kingdom and United States. Make sure you are sitting down before you do.

It’s almost unbelievable, isn’t it? Those results prove that the conventional approaches to reading are both slow and inconsistent. When things go wrong, most schools do not have the training, tools or human resources needed to fix the situation. 

And it has always been like this. Successive governments have tried to fix it, but without success. The “Reading Wars” have raged for over 100 years, with the approach being used in schools changing every 20 years, with no impact on these figures.

Independent schools have the same problem, but since they are often selective they will generally move a struggling reader towards a school for dyslexics.

By contrast, we are confident we can get any child reading in weeks, so long as they speak the language and can see the text clearly.

We are busy recruiting schools to our All Aboard Phonics system, but in the meantime, we can offer you direct support, if you would like that.