Become a Set S.A.I.L. Consultant

Would you like to become an independent reading tutor and consultant or a specialist within your school, able to coach all your colleagues towards amazing results? 

We can provide you with the very latest knowledge and resources. Our mission is for every child to become a confident reader.

You will be seeing stunning turnarounds for the students you work with.

What is the Set S.A.I.L. System?

Have you ever felt frustrated because you can see a student finds reading difficult, but you have had no real idea why?

So then you try an intervention, but it is not appropriate for the problem and has no impact.

Pretty frustrating. But, be sure, you are not alone! However, there are answers to these problems, because huge amounts of research has been done into reading difficult. Set SAIL brings those answers together from the different areas of research done in academia.

What is the Set S.A.I.L. System?

You see, the problem is that these solutions have been locked up in academic journals and have never made it close to the children who need them!

We have been digging these solutions out of their silos for the past 15 years and are now seeing huge impacts on the children we help.

As a Set SAIL consultant, we will train you up on how to do the same thing.

What to Expect

In our experience, anybody who can speak the language and see the text clearly can learn to read. We see that level of success routinely. It is our mission to help every child learn to read.

For some learners the solution can be close to instantaneous. For instance, there are visual issues that are not checked for in a standard eye test and can be fixed very quickly if spotted.

Most learners will take a few weeks to see substantial progress. Anyone with a short term memory weakness may take longer.

Helping Schools

As a Set SAIL consultant, you will work with local schools, to help them develop an effective reading intervention process.

Each year you will deliver the training needed for their staff and then monitor their intervention process closely over the first ten weeks. After that you will keep in less frequent contact, to make sure that every child reaches the right level of proficiency and confidence.

You will be able to support up to 15 schools per year in this way. We can help you build links with local schools.

Helping Parents

You can also help local parents who are looking for support.

You will do a short session with each child over Zoom each week.

The parents will do the intervening sessions.

Costs and Income

For the work you do with our customers, as a Set SAIL consultant, you will earn £35 per hour.

If you prefer, you can work as an independent tutor and set your own rates.

The cost of your SAIL consultant training is £1740. That can be spread over ten months at £174 per month.

Upcoming Dates

Our next cohort for Set SAIL consultant training starts on 6 May 2024 and lasts six weeks, with a final training day in London.

If you are excited but would like to know more, please attend one of our upcoming intro training sessions.

How to get started

Contact us to explore becoming a Set SAIL consultant and join the next training cohort.