KS2 Reading Interventions

Until now, reading interventions in the 6-11 age range have had poor outcomes, as you know.

The reason is that most interventions are effectively more of the same old phonics. There is no reason to think that they are going to succeed, if the learner was in the classroom the first time around.

Our years of research while working directly with over 15,000 struggling readers has given us the neurological insight to get this right through All Aboard Learning’s Reading Copilot.

Based on Brain Research

If you want to get off the merry-go-round of ineffective interventions, it is essential to try something new.

We use visual phonemic scaffolding to help learners successfully decode and blend words. That has a direct impact on accuracy and speed, both of which combine to improve fluency

And when a child is reading correctly with good fluency, rather than guessing erratically, then comprehension slots into place automatically.

decoding + fluency = comprehension!

Our Reading Copilot system is based on years of neurological study and direct learner observation. It targets the root causes of poor literacy including:

  • weak phonemic awareness/auditory processing
  • eye-tracking or convergence issues
  • poor comprehension due to Wernicke’s Area issues in the brain
  • and more

How Reading Copilot Works

Reading Copilot is comprised of one taught small-group session per week (30 minutes), and daily independent online sessions (15 minutes) in between. 

Using our groundbreaking visual phonemic scaffolding that you see below, learners reach reading breakthrough within 3-6 months, often after many years of struggle. 

All you need is 30 minutes of dedicated teacher time a week. All other materials are provided, including lesson PowerPoints, online access, and data assessment. Full training is provided at no cost to any member of staff delivering Reading Copilot.

Get Started

Contact us to for more information, to receive a quote, or to set up your account. If you are disappointed in any way with what you see over the first 4 weeks, we will give you a full refund.