Expert Reading Tutoring

1. Do you have a bright child who is finding reading frustrating?
2. Are you seeing guesses/errors with short, common words?
3. Have you struggled to get a good explanation as to why that is?

One of our Set SAIL Tutors can explain exactly what is going on and give you a path to seeing your child reading confidently and thriving in their school work.

Read on if that is what you want.

What is "Set S.A.I.L." tutoring?

Set S.A.I.L. tutoring is our solution for people who are reluctant readers.

There is always a reason for someone to find reading frustrating. Once you identify it, the solution often becomes easy. So S.A.I.L. stands for:

  • Spot the cause of frustration
  • Assess the best solution
  • Implement the plan in the right way
  • Learn from what has been done

We have helped over 15,000 children in this way. We guarantee that you will see clear progress from your Set SAIL tutoring. If those errors with short, common words have not massively reduced, we will give you a refund. It’s as simple as that.

What to Expect

In our experience, anybody who can speak the language and see the text clearly can learn to read. We see that level of success routinely. It’s our mission to help every child learn to read.

Step 1

Step 1 is to meet up with a Set SAIL Tutor and explore the patterns you have seen. This can be in person or over Zoom.

This meeting will involve an initial chat and then a reading session with your child.

At the end of that session, the tutor will give you some feedback on what they are seeing and suggest a plan.

Step 2

If you then move forward to doing some work together, you will schedule a series of meetings with the tutor.

The tutor will also show you how to do your daily sessions on our Reading Copilot system between meetings.

You can both monitor the progress made.


The initial tutor meeting and feedback costs £170/$210. From that meeting you will receive a detailed review of what the situation is and what the best plan of action is for moving forward.

Your tutor will then quote the price for that plan of action, which will be tailored to your child.

Contact us to arrange a first meeting.