All Aboard School Referral System

Referring Schools

Any All Aboard school that refers another school to All Aboard receives a £250 voucher per school to use on any All Aboard expenditure. There is no limit on schools referrals (or vouchers!).

Referred Schools

Any referred school who joins All Aboard Phonics will receive the following for their first year of AAP:

  • £250 voucher
  • 1 Classroom Pack for Reception (Phases 2-4)
  • 1 Classroom Pack for Year 1 (Phase 5)
  • 1 Book Set 1 for Reception (Phases 2-4)
  • 1 Book Set 1 for Year 1 (Phase 5)
  • Free Premium membership for all AAP students for one year (includes digital library access, powerpoint lessons, Phonics Play Zone, Trainertext Creator tool, Phonics Review workbooks for all R/Y1 pupils)

This is on top of the usual free offerings like our teacher training.