Trainertext Magic

Trainertext™ Magic So what is the unique difference to All Aboard Phonics? The answer is our trainertext phonics approach to reading. It makes reading practice so much easier, which makes the whole process so much less stressful for the learner and anyone trying to help them So, what’s the trainertext solution? We teach the children … Read more

For Homeschoolers

For Homeschoolers All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn phonics that is light-hearted and research-based. Our goal is for every child to develop a lifelong love of reading.  Phonics is definitely the way to go with teaching a child to read, since text is a letter-to-sound code. But English phonics is … Read more

No Cost Switch

The No Cost Switch to All Aboard Phonics If you like the look of All Aboard Phonics, right now we may be able to organise a No-Cost Switch. That means that you can start using All Aboard Phonics without needing any budget to make the change. This is a programme we are running at the … Read more


All Aboard Phonics Reviews I had the pleasure of watching and being involved in a phonics lesson in the Otter class this week. The children were really engaging in the new All Aboard Phonics lessons. Nearly all of the parents from Otter class are engaging in the parental app too! I love the pirate hat! … Read more

Hub Schools

All Aboard Hub Schools Become a Hub School All Aboard Hub Schools are schools with outstanding phonics provision that could host training and be a centre of excellence for other schools to look to. Hub schools are awarded:  A framed certificate and e-sticker for your website and/or letterhead Early access to new resources A £500 … Read more

All Aboard Phonics SSP with IMAGES

The All Aboard Phonics Package All Aboard Phonics is a systematic synthetic phonics (SSP) resource, designed to make teaching phonics easier, more fun and consistently successful: A fully tested curriculum based on Letters and Sounds methodology Unique intervention processes to boost class results New technology to make life easier All our resources are research-based to … Read more

Parent Information

Parent Information All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn to read through phonics. Your child’s school may have started using All Aboard Phonics in their classrooms, or maybe you have heard about us in some other way. All Aboard can help your child in both situations. All Aboard is designed for … Read more

Meet the Team

Meet the Team Admor Aguilar Lead Software Developer, App Technical Team Alexie Laggui Graphics Lead, Art Team David Morgan Founder and CEO Eleanor Broome Graphics and Publishing Lead, Curriculum Team George Lambert Lead Software Developer, LMS Technical Team Lucy Czech Training Lead, Curriculum Team Mike Worley Technical Consultant, Technical Teams Owusu Adjei-Bohyen Software Developer, LMS … Read more

US Pricing

USA Pricing Print Resources Phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension are the three pillars of the science of reading approach. We believe that All Aboard is the best science of reading phonics implementation available in the world today. Our partners schools’ data is exemplary, and phonics experts are calling our program “revolutionary”. As such, we set the … Read more