For Homeschoolers

All Aboard is a new way for a child to learn phonics that is light-hearted and research-based. Our goal is for every child to develop a lifelong love of reading. 

Phonics is definitely the way to go with teaching a child to read, since text is a letter-to-sound code. But English phonics is very irregular and can be frustrating. That is where our magic “trainertext” comes into play. It opens up the onion.

The complete curriculum provides daily teaching plans, tabletop resources, decodable books, assessment tools, plus a phonics app for Kindergarten and 1st Graders… all focused around fun and positive engagement.

The Complete Phonics Curriculum

The All Aboard Phonics teaching manuals provide homeschooling parents with a lesson plan per day plus all supplemental teaching resources built into one book. There are three manuals per year, which you can work through at your own pace.

Our complete curriculum packs for Kindergarten and 1st Grade includes teaching manuals, a high quality set of tabletop teaching resources, plus one set of 16 decodable books. Our phonics progression generally covers Kindergarten through 1st or 2nd Grade-equivalent level, depending on your pacing. You can order each Year Pack via the button at the bottom of the page

Decodable Book Library

A companion set of decodable books is available both on the All Aboard app if you prefer digital materials, and Set 1 is included in print in each Year Pack. Set 2 is available to order separately if you want to bulk up your home library.

Unlike most “early readers”, each word in our books is truly decodable, and has a genuine plot designed to foster deeper conversation. Comprehension questions are included on the back page.

Parents and teachers alike rave about the power of a good book!

“I love their pictures, the large print, and the funny stories. For example, the “Cat Fun” book was so hilarious – both story and illustrations – that my students were cracking up. Making reading fun is half the battle!”

Order Your Year Packs

Each Year Pack includes: 3 complete teaching manuals, flashcard packs, and one set of decodable books.

The teaching phases are sequential and you start at Phase 2 (Phase 1 is for preschool). We have included the weeks covered just as a guide. There is no mandated pacing and we have Kindergarten through 3rd Graders using our materials to learn to read.


Phase 2: 6-10 weeks, 6 decodable books

Phase 3: 12-20 weeks, 12 decodable books

Phase 4: 6-10 weeks, 6 decodable books

Phase 5.1: 6-10 weeks, 6 decodable books

Phase 5.2: 10-18 weeks, 10 decodable books 

Phase 5.3: 15-25 weeks, 15 decodable books

Phase 5.4: 3-6 weeks, 3 decodable books

The All Aboard App

Our companion app, All Aboard, is available at no cost on the app stores. Your child can access to free daily lessons reinforce learning in a play environment.

If you want to check it out, just download the app by searching “All Aboard” on your app store, and follow the prompts to create a free (ad-free!) account.

The app is based around a series of games that activate the key skills needed for reading. An optional upgrade to a pro subscription for accessing our extensive e-library of decodable books is available in-app. 

Here are the links for the app in the Apple and Android app stores:

Assessment and Tracking

Frequent learner checkpoint assessments allow you to determine the pacing that fits your family. You can also monitor any elements of the journey that need revision.

Joining our optional Family Premium Membership allows you to run these low-key assessments to make sure your child is truly mastering the material. Track improvements over time and celebrate each milestone together! You can sign up for Family Premium on our online store.

Parent Training

As a homeschool parent, you know that obtaining good curriculum materials is only half the battle. Delivering an effective lesson is the other half, and you have the advantage of being able to cater instruction directly to your child! We have a free in-depth suite of training materials to help guide your child into reading success.