The All Aboard App

Why Use the App?

For thousands of years, children have learned to read with books. There is no question that you can learn to read fine with just books. But it is not always an easy or fun process.

Our app integrates with the normal phonics lessons and can be a big improvement as a daily practice session. Our mission is to find ways for every single child to learn to read. Having a daily process that they want to engage in is a good start towards that!

On the app your child will play games that embed what they are learning in the classroom setting. Those games are active and so engagement with the text is inevitable.

The core phonics lessons on the app are completely free.

Create Your Family Team Account

  1. Set up your learner management account here on our site. That will allow you to create a team for your family and set up a learner account for each of your children.
  2. Download the app on a phone or tablet and give it a go. Just log in with the details you gave for your account on the system: Android or iOS.

Joining a School Team

If you have been invited to collaborate on a school team, you will get a pop-up when you log into your account (as long as you use the same email for your account that the school has on file). You will then be able to accept the invite.

If you have a school invite, you need to do the lessons for that child via the school team rather than on a family team.

Pro Subscription

You can subscribe to the “Pro” version of our app on your device via your app store. That will give you access to our decodable book library. Because an app store subscription is just for that device, it will not show on your partner’s phone or tablet as well.

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