How to Help Your Child Read

Six ways to help your child read Here are six little ways that you can make the learn to read process so much easier for your child. Using the techniques below, we normally see reading progress come through at 5x or ever 10x the normal rate. That means learning to read in a few months, … Read more

Free Tips and Tricks

Tips and Tricks Please note that you can get funding for help with your child’s reading from your local education authority or district. We can help you with that. But if you just want free stuff, check out our page of advice: Ways to make reading practice easier

Easyread First Consultation

Free Trial Setup Great news! We believe that making fast reading progress easy for your child is the best investment you will ever make for them. The link below will take you to our Easyread Membership site, where you can put in your details. We send out little prizes for progress. So we need an … Read more