See your child start to read words accurately instead of guessing them, in just 15 minutes per day

– David Morgan, Founder of All Aboard Learning

Lots of bright children get stuck guessing words instead of reading them. We guarantee you will see clear improvement for your child in just 15 minutes per day of Easyread System practice. And you will see a new attitude in just days.

Often it is a child’s strong visual intelligence that causes this situation. You will see them guessing very short, common words, even if they have just read them. Sometimes long words can seem easier for them (although not always). I explain why below.

The good news is that there is no reason why your child cannot learn to read confidently and accurately. We have helped thousands of children to overcome this exact difficulty, often after years of painful struggle beforehand and a dyslexia diagnosis. You can test our unique approach on a free trial (see below).

The root of the problem

Your child has been memorising whole words and trying to recognise whole words, rather than using the letters to ‘work out’ what the word is. The short words all look similar, which makes them hard to distinguish visually. The long words are more easily recognised and often have more context clues, so sometimes they get read with apparent fluency.

For a bright, visual learner, this visual memorisation technique can initially seem easier than the confusing process of matching letters to sounds. Early reader books often encourage this by using only a few words that get repeated and repeated. 

Once a book has hundreds or thousands of possible words in it, this strategy just gets harder and harder. Then the child can get stuck on a plateau, with very limited further progress. At that point they are falling behind very fast.

Time for a different approach

If you are taking the time to read this, you have probably been helping your child for months or years. It is probably just getting more frustrating rather than less frustrating.

You may have been told to “…just do more reading” with your child. Actually, that can end up with more and more stress and eventually a collapse of confidence.

Over the past 14 years of research, we have developed a process that gets children out of this situation again and again. We usually start to see a new attitude in days and hugely improved accuracy in around 30-60 sessions.

Check out the results we get

It is easy to make bold promises, but there are three things which I hope will give you confidence in what I am saying:

1) We actually guarantee the outcome you will see with Easyread (see below).

2) Check out the reviews we get from users of Easyread on our Facebook page.

3) You can read the independent academic study of the system by the Open University. In that study across 6 schools, the average child caught up 2 years of reading age in 120 short lessons.

I hope this will begin to give you confidence that we do not make promises lightly.

The 2 ways to access the Easyread solution

Our aim is to make Easyread possible for most families. So we have two ways for you to access Easyread:

1) You can create an account on our server and run the lessons yourself. It takes 15 minutes per day. This is our “parent-led” process. We will guide you through the whole journey to make sure you get the right outcome. But you do need to read our guidance notes and watch our training videos to achieve that.

2) If you choose our “tutor-led” option, we will run the lessons for you each day with your child. This is ideal if you are short of time to do the lessons yourself. Your child’s tutor will also be a trained expert at getting the best result.

The Parent-led Solution

To access our parent-led solution, you need to set up an account on our Easyread System server. You will then have access to the first ten sessions on a free trial (see the links below).

Once you set up the account, we will do an initial analysis of exactly why reading has been frustrating for your child and give you some insights into that. You then get going with our short, easy sessions. The aim is to see a whole new attitude to reading within the first ten sessions.

If the first ten sessions go well and you have completed our training process for this first phase, we will allow you to set up a subscription to move on to Phase 2. You can stop the subscription at any time.

Weekly parent-led pricing

AUD 51 CAD 60 EUR 41 GBP 37 NZD 56 USD 48

– You only start paying if you choose to subscribe after the first 10 sessions.
– We then bill monthly (at 4.3 weeks per month). The price includes a discount for time away for vacations and other breaks.
– There is no minimum commitment. You have complete control and a guarantee of success. The average subscription is 7 months.

You can set up a free trial account for parent-led Easyread from here.

Tutor-led - the complete solution

I know that I was bad at teaching my own children to read, back in the 1990s, even though I struggled to read as a child myself! The truth is that running daily lessons can be quite hard in a very busy day. And sometimes a history of mutual frustration builds up that can be hard to turn around as a parent.

When you get home, the last thing you want to do is have a stressful battle with your child over reading practice. Your time together is too precious for that.

It can be a lot easier for our tutors. We drop in, have a short, positive session with your child and move on. We know exactly what we are doing and that helps us build the confidence your child needs to succeed.

Tutor-led single charge

AUD 13,900 CAD 12,700 EUR 8,800 GBP 7,400 NZ 14,700 USD 10,000

– We guarantee the outcome, but we cannot guarantee how long it will take. It might be weeks or years.
– For that reason, we charge a flat fee instead of a weekly fee. Every parent pays the same amount for the outcome, however long it takes us.
– We have a limited capacity for tutor-led sessions and so there may be a delay before we can get started. 

If you want to explore the tutor-led solution for your child, contact us by email and we will set up a meeting with you to discuss it.

Your guarantees of success

We are very results-oriented. Our mission is 100% success. So we offer these two guarantees:

For the parent-led process: We guarantee you will see a clear improvement in the accuracy of your child’s reading of short, common words within 90 sessions. That will show that your child’s approach to reading has been changed. If that is not happening, we will take over the lessons to try to get things back on track. And if that is not successful we will give you a full refund of the last three months of subscription. But, it is years since we have failed on this.

For the tutor-led solution: We will do an initial assessment of your child’s reading. If we are confident of a good outcome we will then guarantee to get your child reading medium difficulty text at 30 words per minute and 95% accuracy. We will still expect some unusual words and long words to be more challenging and slower. Your child will then have a solid base with a track record of good improvement and growing confidence. You can then expect continued development without needing further expert support.

N.B. Visual Acuity: These outcomes may depend on the print-size of the text. If your child has any visual acuity issues, you may find that they are reading confidently with large text, but small text is still challenging because they cannot see it clearly. We can advise on ways to overcome this too, but the above guarantees are based on the text being big enough for your child to read it.