Sorry! You don't have premium access

All Aboard Phonics is designed to deliver a good solution using just our printed materials and our free home reading practice app. 

But we can save you a lot of time and hassle with a few digital extras.

Here are the facilities you will get with a school premium account:

Online Assessment Tracking

With online assessment tracking you can run your end of phase assessments on a laptop and all the data will then be collated and presented for you in dashboards. That means you can:

  1. See any weaknesses across a class
  2. See any leaners in need of some keep-up intervention help
  3. Identify exactly what help a learner needs

Smartboard Lessons

Running your lessons on a smartboard makes each session so easy to deliver with zero prep time. It also has the boost of some animation for the children, which always helps engagement.

Digital Library Access

We have digital versions of each of our decodable books on the free All Aboard home reading app. You can assign books on your learner management system to match which week you are on in class.

Phonics Play Zone

We have built a real/nonsense word game for the whole class to play with you on the smartboard. It is a great way to push for accuracy with the word reading process.

Premium Downloads

We have collected a bunch of PDFs which extend the basic materials that are in the printed materials. Handy things like high frequency word lists in trainertext.

Trainertext Creator

Once you start to see the power of trainertext, you will want to integrate it into the rest of the curriculum and use it around the classroom walls. With the Trainertext Creator you can type in text and get a download of that text with the pictophones in place.

How to Go Premium

Just check you are happy with the pricing and contact us in your account messaging system to tell us how many children you would like to have on premium. We will then update your account and you can begin to set your individual teams to premium (up to the limit set in total numbers across the school).

Learners can move in and out of those premium teams. So children can leave the school or arrive into the school seamlessly.

We recommend have a few spare seats to cover those movements.