Struggling Readers Aged 6-10

Trainertext phonics, the solution that really works... guaranteed

You will find that there are lots of people promising results. It is very hard to know what direction to take, when there are apps and tutors and online solutions in every direction.

But promises are easy to give and delivery of results is often hard. We can offer you the only reading intervention solution that guarantees clear progress in 60-90 sessions. It is called the Easyread System.

What we guarantee is that your child will be reading short words with much increased accuracy and fluency by lesson 90 (and often long before then). We will work with you to make sure that happens. The key to that success is founded on our trainertext resources, as you will see.

Seen a bit of guessing...?

Have you been seeing guessing with short, common words, like ‘this’, ‘that’, ‘then’ and ‘which’, ‘where’, ‘when’? If not, we probably cannot help. That is the key pattern we look for.

Have you seen words read fluently on one page and not on the next? That is another key pattern. We would also expect your child to have terrible spelling, even if you have practised spellings week after week.

The reason for these patterns is that your child has a tendency to read whole words by sight, rather than decoding letters into sounds. This also means that sometimes they might read a long word quite fluently, because the context makes it obvious what the long word is.

Three bits of good news:

If you have seen that guessing, then the good news is: 

1. That guessing pattern is often linked to a high visual intelligence, not a ‘deficit’.
2. You are in the right place. We are turning this situation around every day.
3. The solution can be pretty quick, even after years of frustration in the past.

Our experience has been that if the child can speak the language clearly and can see the page clearly, then they can learn to read well, without exception.

You will also see the spelling come together, as if by magic. The foundation to good spelling is in how you read. Spelling lists are a bad idea because they encourage memorisation.

See what others say

We would recommend you have a look at our reviews on Facebook. Easyread has solid 5-Star recommendations by every parent/teacher who has used it.

Those reviews are all completely independent of us. They make quite moving reading. Keep scrolling through to see what I mean. There are a lot of lives changed as you scroll. 

We work with thousands of children with reading difficulties around the globe and we expect to see every one of them become a good reader. Around half of them have had a dyslexia diagnosis and it has no impact on the progress seen.

What does it cost?

You can expect to see clear improvements in accuracy between lessons 30 and 60. We recommend you do 120 lessons to embed the changes made to your child’s reading. You will also then see more progress with spelling.

The cost of the Easyread System is £156/$198 per month. So you can expect to invest about 3-4 times that.

If your child has any general challenges, like a weak working memory or any speech and language delays, then those can mean it will take longer to embed the changes. However, we still guarantee a fundamental improvement by lesson 90.

Test trainertext for free

Our first ten lessons are free. By the end of the first ten lessons you will see a new attitude to reading and you will both be seeing the light at the end of the tunnel!

We run Easryead from our sister company DM Education. You can set up a free trial from our website

Today can be a new start for your child’s reading and spelling!

Our Background

We have been operating as a literacy research team called DM Education in Oxford since 2008. We set up All Aboard Learning when we launched our All Aboard Phonics classroom solution in 2021.

Our DM Eduction team has worked directly with over 15,000 struggling readers and helped each of them become confident readers. We normally expect to see a strong outcome in a few months. If things are tough, we ramp up the support until success is achieved. Some children we end up doing a daily lesson with ourselves. That way we are learning, as well as them.

The reason we can get such good results is that we view each child as an individual. We track nine different possible causes of reading difficulty and we make sure each one has been covered for each child. It is only then that we can be sure of success.