Set S.A.I.L. Reading Interventions

Are some of your students very reluctant to read and you’re not sure why?

Do you follow the intervention processes you’ve been given, but often see little impact?

You are not alone! 25% of children are not functionally literate at the age of 11, despite 6 years of teaching and multiple interventions.

However, the tragedy is that the answers needed have been out there, but have never reached the classroom. Huge amounts of academic research into this has been done, but most of it is stuck in academic journals and never gets near a child

We have been digging it out of those silos and building a package of processes that get great results.

What to Expect

In our experience, anybody who can speak the language and see the text clearly can learn to read. We see that level of success routinely. It’s our mission to help every child learn to read.

For some learners the solution can be close to instantaneous. For instance, there are visual issues that are not checked for in a standard eye test and can be fixed very quickly if spotted.

However, most learners will take a few weeks to see substantial progress. Any struggling readers with a short term memory weakness may take longer.

The Format

Training for your team will be delivered by one of our Set SAIL consultants. They will also guide you through the intervention process over the weeks following that training. This involves a weekly visit, during which they will also review the progress for each of the children in the intervention cohort.

If we do not have a local Set SAIL consultant with spare capacity, then we will train up a member of your school team. That training will need to be successfully completed before a SAIL intervention process can be launched.

Set SAIL interventions involve small group sessions and a daily online experience for each learner, using our Reading Copilot platform. Most learners can do the online sessions unassisted, but some will need monitoring. Therefore, the time required is 1-2 hours of support per week for each group of 4-5 struggling readers.

Free Intro Training Session

Contact us to see if we have a local consultant. If not, our next cohort for Set SAIL consultant training is in May 2024.  Of course, you can choose to train up a team member either way.

We run intro training sessions, on which you can get a sense of the patterns of reading difficulty you might see and why. We will also dive into a full training process for one of those. 

Check out what dates we have upcoming for the intro training.

No Risk Guarantee

We know that what we are suggesting will seem unlikely to experienced senior leadership teams. They have seen a lot of promises and few results in past reading interventions!

Therefore, we give each school this guarantee in their first year:

  1. If you are not impressed by the training delivered, we will cancel for a full refund.
  2. If you do not see clear progress after 30 sessions for most of the students, we will cancel for a full refund.


The Set SAIL package of support and resources costs £500 per annum plus £75 per student.

How to get started

Contact us to explore whether we have a consultant in your local area or whether we need to train someone in the team to take on that role for the school. 

That trained member of staff can potentially deliver support for other local schools too.