The No Cost Switch to All Aboard Phonics

If you like the look of All Aboard Phonics, right now we may be able to organise a No-Cost Switch. That means that you can start using All Aboard Phonics without needing any budget to make the change.

This is a programme we are running at the moment, but will get withdrawn in due course. So do make contact with us now.

If you qualify as a No-Cost-Switch school, then this is what you will get for free for your first 12 months:

  1. One set of printed manuals and classroom resources
  2. Access to our daily smartboard lessons
  3. One set of decodable books
  4. Training to bring the whole team up to speed fast
  5. Our online assessment system and dashboards
  6. The All Aboard home reading practice app
  7. Our decodable book library on the home reading app

With this pack of printed and digital resources, you can deliver All Aboard Phonics to all your children without a penny of budget required. Click here to review the main elements of our SSP.

I hope it seems like a generous offer. We are confident you will like All Aboard Phonics and will eventually want more resources, like more copies of our decodable books and our premium digital resources.

To receive all of this, we need you to be a registered school and this is the commitment we need from you and your team:

  1. Your phonics/literacy lead needs to review a digital copy of our Phase 2 manual to confirm they are happy with structure to All Aboard Phonics and the type of resources you will receive.
  2. You will need to hold a meeting to discuss the switch with the whole early literacy team. It can be hard for a teacher with many years of experience to switch approach. So you need to see a buy-in from the team for going with something new, rather than imposing it.
  3. The team also needs to agree to an all-in approach. We have found that mixing resources from multiple providers leads to confusion for the children. So it is far better to cover your classrooms with the All Aboard resources and drag your legacy resources out.

If you are seeing resistance to the idea, even after reading the testimonials from other schools, then please hold back from implementation. However, if you are seeing excitement across the team for implementing the latest and (we are confident…) the most successful phonics system available, then let’s get going!

If you are ready to do that, just send us an email