Become an All Aboard Hub School

All Aboard Hub Schools are schools with outstanding phonics provision that could host training and be a centre of excellence for other schools to look to.

If approved as a hub school, you will: 

  1. be listed on our website as an outstanding phonics provider (which your website could also link to)
  2. get a framed certificate
  3. receive early access to new resources
  4. get a £500 All Aboard decodable book voucher and other fun freebies over time
  5. get networking book vouchers when local schools convert to AAP as a result of your recommendation
Thinking of point 5 above, we have a No-Cost-Switch policy. If a school wants to dive in and give All Aboard Phonics a go, we will supply them with one complete set of classroom resources, one complete set of decodable books and a 12-month trial of our app library access. That is all on top of the free digital resources we offer. So they really can get going without any budget at all.

To be a hub school, you need to meet 3 criteria:

  1. You need to be good communicators. That is within your phonics team, with your parents and with us. Everyone should be up-to-speed on AAP and using the main tools (classroom teaching resources, intervention resources, online tracking, app home use) with enthusiasm.
  2. Your key personnel need to do the appropriate training in our online video training suite and at least one team member from each class should attend the CPD training course.
  3. And finally, as proof of the above, we would expect to see good, consistent results across the different classes, in line with the general environment for your school.

If you are interested and would like to apply to become a hub school, just contact us through your account here on the website.

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