Codebreaker Research Study

We are running an academic trial of this new reading intervention for Key Stage 3 students. 

The intervention will be delivered via online activities in a short session each day. They just need access to a laptop with headphones.

Here are the outline details:

  1. We are collecting research data on the rate of improvement of reading.
  2. We also want to track positive changes in the behaviour of the participants.
  3. The participants will be ten struggling readers aged 14 from each school. They will be split into an intervention group and a control group (who will also have access to the intervention after the trial).

Finally, an Age Appropriate Phonics Intervention for KS3
You may doubt whether any intervention can work for that age group! However, our early tests have been extremely encouraging. You can see our unique background in this field below.

The key difference is that we have a phonics process that we know works and we have now added an age appropriate environment with suitable content for these learners.

We think it is going to be a game-changer for KS3 interventions.

Zero Daily Load on Your Team
The intervention process will be a solo session on a laptop with headphones, that can be done in a classroom at any time in the day. This is a huge benefit, because these learners have often lost hope of anything working and hate the embarrassment of struggling in public.

We only need you to do the introduction of the resources, plus pre and post reading assessments. We would also like to do an anonymous comparison of any disciplinary incidents between the test group and the control group during the trial.

You will be able to track the progress of each learner on a dashboard.

Withdraw At Any Time

As is normal with any research study, both the school and the participants can withdraw from the study at any time.

Your Benefit

As a participating school in the study, ten of your students will get specialist reading intervention support free of charge.

The Research Question

The question to be answered is “What are the impacts on both reading age and general behaviour, in response to an All Aboard Codebreaker reading intervention for reading impaired students aged 14 in UK secondary schools.

Our Background

We have been researching reading impairment from our base here in Oxford since 2008. Over the years we have discovered nine possible neural causes of reading impairment and tested solutions to all nine.

As a result, we have been the most successful provider of reading interventions at the KS2 level globally for several years. You can see the reviews for our Easyread System on Facebook. Those come from teachers and parents around the world. Our expectation is 100% success and most months that is achieved.

We now also offer probably the most effective systematic synthetic phonics programmes for KS1. You can see more details here on our website.

The New Approach

We have taken our KS2 processes and created a new solution that is specifically suited to KS3. It is called Codebreaker and has all our prior research built into it. 

The learners can do Codebreaker sessions unassisted through a unique scaffolding technique we use for decoding words into sounds.

We normally see a new attitude in just a few days with our interventions. It then varies between 30 and 120 sessions for most learners to see a great outcome. Students with special needs and memory weaknesses may need longer.

The core of the phonics is taught through a behavioural phonics approach (i.e. practice-based), rather than the conventional, theoretical phonics approach (i.e. rules-based). 

Daily Routine

Students need to do the intervention at least 4-5 times per week in order to benefit. However, you can choose when they do it, because the intervention session runs online.

Each intervention will take around 15 minutes.

The intervention also needs to happen in normal lesson time, not in free time, so that they’re happy to be there.

How to Register Interest

We are starting this research study in November and we are just collecting indications of interest now.

If you would potentially like to be involved, please fill in your details below. We will then be back in touch with full details of the trial in January. You can then choose whether to proceed or not at that moment.

If you have any questions, just reply to this email or call us on 01865 632965.