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All Aboard Phonics

As a teacher, every minute of the day counts.

So All Aboard Phonics is based on these 3 principles:
– Simple and fun to deliver.
– Easy administration.
– Effective Interventions.

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We know you have a tough choice to make, when deciding between phonics providers. They all say they offer the newest and the best!

We would like to introduce you to a nearby school using All Aboard Phonics, so that you can hear about the real differences they have seen since implementing it.

All Aboard Phonics is designed to make your life better and keep your costs down in these 3 ways:

Pick-Up-And-Teach Simplicity

When you see the lesson plans and materials, it will be obvious how easy AAP is going to be for an experienced teacher. 

Every resource needed for each session is in the manual beside the lesson plan and it is all based on the Letters and Sounds curriculum.

For newly qualified teachers and parents we have bite sized online training. There is no need for extensive and expensive training before getting started with AAP.

Easy Admin

Our online Universal Literacy Progress Tracker (ULPT) takes the hassle out of your admin and monitoring. We will get all your class lists installed for you in a fully data-secure way.

You then enter the responses of the child directly into your online account as you run each assessment. We can run handsfree assessments too.

You will then instantly see the results across each class in your dashboard. That will tell you who needs an intervention boost and identify any elements of the curriculum that need revision for the whole group.

Uniquely Effective Interventions

This is actually our area of special expertise and I hope it is exciting, because helping a struggling reader can be very frustrating when progress is slow.

From our research with over 15,000 struggling readers, we have identified nine different possible causes of reading difficulty for a child.

Because of that, you can deliver exactly the help an individual child really needs. There will be no more hoping for the best and wasting time while delivering the wrong intervention.

Other stuff you might like too

Here are a few other elements of All Aboard Phonics which might be interesting for you:

We will share PDFs for all the lesson resources with you free of charge. You will have total control of your budget and won’t have to worry about resources getting lost or damaged.

We have a home phonics practice app for your parents, also free of charge. You will find that the children enjoy the games, which will then help to embed what you have taught in the classroom each day.

Our decodable books are also available on our app. That means you can release all the new books for the week at the click of a button. The digital library is a subscription option, but it will also save you a fortune in lost books.

If there is something you are particularly looking for in a programme, just contact us to check if we have it covered. Quite a lot of our best ideas have actually come from the schools using AAP. So if we don’t have what you want, we will add it!

There are lots of little things which make life better. For instance, we now mark every flashcard set with a symbol, so that the children can sort them back into sets for you. These little things can make a big difference to how your day feels!

Click here for more general information..

We will guarantee your satisfaction

It is very easy to make promises, but we are happy to go a big step further than that. 

If you implement All Aboard Phonics in your school and you are anything less than delighted by what you see over the first year, we will refund every penny you have spent on your lesson resources.

I hope that gives you confidence that we really mean to help you see great outcomes.