Python/React Developer at All Aboard Phonics

The Job

Our vision at All Aboard Learning is to make the key learning journeys of primary school children easier, more fun and more successful, particularly for those children who have historically struggled. If you join us, you will be engaged in building substantial tech systems, designed to last 10-20 years, that make delivering on that vision possible.

In particular, you will be enhancing the user experience for both our customers and for our customer managers, in the way our learner management system operates.

That will involve using the data collected and presenting it in meaningful ways. We also want to keep improving the UI of both interfaces.

The All Aboard Story

The All Aboard team has been working on literacy solutions since 2008. Our main product has been the Easyread System. You can check out the reviews of Easyread on Facebook.

We have worked with over 15,000 children and our expectation now is to get each child to a good level of reading confidence, despite years of prior frustration. We are confident we are the best in the world at this sort of intervention. 

We have now created a school-focused product called All Aboard Phonics. This takes what we have learned with Easyread and aims to shift the dial on how easy it is for children to learn to read in school too. The early results with the schools using the new system in the classroom have been very positive.

The All Aboard app is the digital side of the All Aboard Phonics programme. It is designed as a home reading practice tool, so that every child gets some active learning done each day. 

It has been in beta testing with parents for two years and was first shared with our schools in September 2022.

Each school and parent has an online account, where they can interact with the All Aboard team, manage their learners, invite other adults to help facilitate the lessons and view data on the children in their account.

Technical Requirements for the Role


  1. Proven Python and Django Framework skills
  2. Proven Javascript and React Skills
  3. Experience creating non-realtime data dashboards, using Javascript data visualisation libraries
  4. Experience in REST API creation and endpoint maintenance
  5. Experience in User Management Systems


  1. Viewable data visualisation experience
  2. Experience optimising raw JSON data feeds from iOS and Android apps
  3. Knowledge of ETL re: behavioural data feed extraction and optimisation
  4. Knowledge of Django ORM query optimisation
  5. Knowledge fo Django allauth, rules and crispy forms
  6. Knowledge of Xporter and/or Clever (MIS integrators)

How to Apply

Please send me an email ( with your CV and a description of why you think this is the right job for you.

Please also install the app and set up an account on your phone. Then log into your online account, here on the website, and have a look around the current interface. We want to find someone who brings their own ideas to the job, so please describe five improvements/additions you would make, with an outline description of technically how you would implement them.


Mike Worley