Your Free Books Special Offer

We are delighted that you are interested in our decodable books. You can order your free sample set until the end of March 2023 or until our allocated stock is gone. Our aim is to test these new books in some pilot schools in your area. You will see below the response they have had in other states around the country.

We are happy to send you one complete set of our Kindergarten and 1st Grade decodables, free of charge, for delivery at your school address. You will receive 16 Kindergarten books and 17 First Grade books, as seen in our phonics progression here

The books are yours to keep forever; it’s not a free trial! Of course we hope you will want more copies, but there is no obligation at all. You can see our pricing here. Our only request is that you use them and give us feedback on the impact you have seen with your children.

Click the button below and enter the discount code in your offer letter to apply the 100% discount.

Take a Look!

Building Confidence, Week by Week

Our books are truly decodable, with just a handful of high-frequency sight words (just two new ones per step). And, unlike most book sets, you can get two new books to introduce through each step of the curriculum over the two years.

They look and feel like real books, with real storylines, that real readers would pick up and enjoy… which is so important for the psychology of the learners. They also use a text size that every learner can work with, so that the whole cohort progresses together.

Phonemic awareness, fluency, and comprehension are the three pillars of Science of Reading. Great connected texts aligned to your curriculum and integrating with your classroom sessions, are the easiest way to build all three for each child.

What Teachers are Saying

You can judge what we send you for yourself, but here are some typical comments from teachers and district specialists in other states around the country:

“I love them! They are absolutely fabulous! The kids love them! They are able to decode. There are so many different things you can do with the books – talk about quotations, emotions, comprehension. They are perfect!”

– Marlborough School District, CT

“I love that the books are easy to use with our Science of Reading program. It is easy to use with each skill that we teach. We love the colorful pictures and how well they help the students get meaning from the text.”
– Benson School District, AZ

“Large text size, decodable, variety of topics that kids are interested in, colorful illustrations in which the characters are almost always expressing emotions/allows for teaching SEL simultaneously.”
– Kenai Peninsula School District, AK

“The bright colours, the big text, the fact that it follows the science of reading and follows exactly what we were working on in our grades is what sold us completely. We sure love the books!” 
–  Headland School District, AL

What Students Are Saying

These books work so well because the children are not faced by endless tricky words that break all the rules they have been taught. You will know how negative that constant struggle can be for a child.

Instead, they read these books successfully and feel their confidence growing, because they only use the letters and sounds you have taught.

Our number one bit of feedback from countless teachers and interventionists has been: “my students LOVE these books!”

Our Request to You

We have set aside a limited number of sets for this free offer. So our only request is that you do use them and report back on how your children find them.

If that makes sense, click the button below and enter the discount code in your offer letter to apply the 100% discount. I hope you will be as excited to use them as we have been in creating them!

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us.

A selection from our decodable book library.