Technical Director at All Aboard Phonics

The Job

Our vision at All Aboard Learning is to make the key learning journeys of primary school children easier, more fun and more successful, particularly for those children who have historically struggled. If you join us, you will be engaged in building substantial tech systems, designed to last 10-20 years, that make delivering on that vision possible.

You will be managing two teams: a front end team working in Unity3D and a back end team working in Python.

Because our product is designed to grow and develop over time, we need to adhere to the best development practices, so that it remains maintainable. 

You can be based anywhere. Over the past two years we have all been working remotely. However, we are open to the option of running an office again.

The salary is negotiable.

The All Aboard Story

The All Aboard team has been working on literacy solutions since 2008. Our main product has been the Easyread System. You can check out the reviews of Easyread on Facebook.

We have worked with over 15,000 children and our expectation now is to get each child to a good level of reading confidence, despite years of prior frustration. We are confident we are the best in the world at this sort of intervention. 

We have now created a school-focused product called All Aboard Phonics. This takes what we have learned with Easyread and aims to shift the dial on how easy it is for children to learn to read in school too. The early results with the schools using the new system in the classroom have been very positive.

The All Aboard app is the online element of All Aboard Phonics. The first version has been on beta test for 18 months with good results. We are due to share it with our first schools in the coming weeks.

The core of the app has been made, but we view everything as a work in progress. There is a lot to be done for it to fully reach its potential. It is also designed to offer the option of flipping the content into other languages.

How to Apply

Please send me an email ( with your CV and a description of how your experience is relevant to this role.



David Morgan
All Aboard Learning Ltd