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The All Aboard Difference

Getting the path to reading right for a child is one of the most critical tasks for every parent and school. Good literacy is the key to education and so much else. But over 15% of children have always failed to learn to read.

This happens even with good teachers, supportive parents and bright children.

To get our resources right, we have studied how other systems fail. We have worked with over 15,000 struggling readers, most of whom had fallen 2 years behind with their reading. We studied why each of these bright children had struggled to read, as we guided them to success. All of those lessons are applied to the All Aboard resources.

About Us

All Aboard Learning (formerly DM Education) has been working in literacy research since 2008. The organisation was founded by David Morgan, who was also one of the founders of The Shannon Trust. David struggled to read as a child and is dedicated to our mission to create a world where every child learns to read.

Learning is a neurological process and so we view a neurological understanding of reading as central to our approach. We are not interested in educational theory that lacks that grounding. We want to understand how different brains learn and how to help that process.

We have discovered nine different causes of reading impairment and developed solutions to each of them. That is all embedded in each of our solutions above. It makes our resources unique and substantially better than any alternative.

If a child can speak the language and see the text, they can learn to read. No debate! A dyslexia diagnosis is definitely not a bar to learning to read confidently and accurately. Any reading failure is a symptom of a poor methodology in the system being used.

The team have used the Easyread System to research reading impairment. The process has been to study the challenges for each struggling reader while helping them learn to read. You can see the reviews of Easyread by teachers and parents on our Easyread Facebook page.

The new outcomes of our research have been:

  1. The All Aboard Phonics classroom resources. This uses a Science of Reading methodology with all the extra tools we have developed since 2008 added in.
  2. Our free All Aboard Learn to Read for Kids app. This is a free app on the main mobile app stores, which complements what is happening in an All Aboard Phonics classroom. You can also use it independently.
  3. Our All Aboard Codebreaker tutoring service. If you have struggling readers we can help with a direct tutoring service designed for them.