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Phonics that works for every child. Come aboard and see for yourself, for free.

Let your main stress (and cost) drop away

The truth is there has never been a phonics methodology that has worked for every child. Year after year you have been forced to watch a minority struggle to read, because there was nothing you could do about it. 

That will have been a huge stress for you. Supporting those children also absorbs time and energy from the whole team. The combination is one of the reasons good teachers leave the profession.

Now that situation has changed. At All Aboard Learning we expect every child to learn to read on schedule. We are even seeing that happening in special needs schools.

No-Cost-Switch Option

We would love to introduce you to some schools already seeing amazing results. If you like what you see and want to give it a go, we will give you a full set of classroom resources and a library of decodable books for free. 

We will also set you up with our premium digital resources for the year, so that every child can access two decodable books each week at home on a phone or tablet.

We are confident you will then become a long term customer and start to build a library of our printed decodable books. Check out our No-Cost-Switch page to find out more.

Pick-Up-And-Teach Simplicity

When you see the lesson plans and materials, it will be obvious how easy AAP is going to be for an experienced teacher. They will be able to bring all that past experience and see magic happen with these resources. It will take them no time to learn the differences.

For newly qualified teachers and parents we have bite-sized online training videos. There is no need for extensive and expensive training before getting started with AAP. It is designed to be easy to teach. They can also extend their knowledge with our free CPD webinars for customers.

Your teachers will also have structured smartboard lessons ready to roll. If you use the printed manuals, every resource needed for each session is there in the manual, right beside the lesson plan. 

Uniquely Effective Interventions

This is our area of special expertise and I hope it is exciting, because helping a struggling reader can be very frustrating when progress is slow. We can guide you to faster and more consistent outcomes.

From our research with over 15,000 struggling readers, we have identified nine different possible causes of reading difficulty for a child. You can read our book The 9 Main Causes of Reading Difficulty.

With the training we can give you, you will be able to deliver exactly the help an individual child really needs. There will be no more hoping for the best and wasting time while delivering the wrong intervention.

Other stuff you might like too

Here are other elements of All Aboard Phonics which might be interesting for you:

We have a home phonics practice app for your parents, free of charge. You will find that the children enjoy the games, which will then help to embed what you have taught in the classroom each day.

Our decodable books are also available on our app. That means you can release all the new books for the week at the click of a button. The digital library is a subscription option, but it will also save you a fortune in lost books.

If there is something you are particularly looking for in a programme, just contact us to check if we have it covered. Quite a lot of our best ideas have actually come from the schools using AAP. So if we don’t have what you want, we will add it!

There are lots of little things in AAP which make life better. For instance, we now mark every flashcard set with a symbol, so that the children can sort them back into sets for you. These little things can make a big difference to how your day feels!

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