Teenagers and Adults

How does it work?

We run a new reading intervention process for teenagers and adults. It is called Codebreakers and it is delivered entirely remotely over the Internet.

First, we have an introductory meeting with the potential learner on a Zoom call. We explore what has been causing their frustration and discuss the solution with them.

If that goes well, they begin our daily reading intervention process and we monitor their progress through that, delivering whatever help is needed for their success. The sessions themselves are automated and so they can log in at any time for those.

Our Approach

Reading impairment is complex. We track nine different possible causes of reading difficulty and every struggling readers has a different mix of those nine issues. Once we have sorted each issue, the learner will read accurately and fluently, every time.

Often it is their particular areas of high intelligence that cause the problems. For instance, many of our learners are highly visual and have memorised lots of whole words. But that means they have to guess the ones they don’t recognise.

It normally takes around 1000 hours of training and experience for one of our specialist tutors to become fully proficient at delivering reading interventions that really work.

What does it cost?

If the intervention journey looks straightforward, then the cost of delivery is a flat £450/$600. We do a 33% discount for 10+ learners (£300/$400 each).

We then work with each learner until a good outcome is achieved. 

If during the introductory meeting the student is showing signs of challenges that are more complex, we will recommend a suitable solution for that.

Our Background

We have been operating as a literacy research team since 2008. 

We have used an intervention process called the Easyread System for that research. You can see the sort of 5-star reviews that our Easyread interventions get on Facebook

We have worked directly with over 15,000 struggling readers and helped each of them become confident readers. We normally expect to see a strong outcome in a few months.

We have seen struggling readers of all ages and about half of them have been given a diagnosis of dyslexia before coming to us. We find no difference in the progress made by dyslexics when they are given the appropriate support.

Codebreaker is our new, updated solution, specifically designed for older struggling readers.

Getting Started

To discuss using All Aboard Codebreaker, just book in for a chat over Zoom in our diary, at a time that suits you.