Reading Research Program

We are delighted that you are interested in joining our reading research program.

The link to the order form for the free books is at the bottom of this page.

The Research Plan

We will send you one complete set of 32 fully decodable books free of charge, for delivery to you at your school address. 

The school can keep these books free of charge at the end of the year.

All we request is that at the end of each term you give us some basic feedback on how the children have found the new books that you have shared with them. 

The Expected Benefit For You

You can expect it to be a good experience working with these books. Here is a typical comment from one of the teachers already using this book set:

“The bright colours, the big text, the fact that it follows the science of reading and follows exactly what we were working on in our grades is what sold us completely. We sure love the books!” – Nicole Burns, Headland Elementary School.

On our side, we want to confirm that you find these books work really well for you. We need to know of any weaknesses you see in the books for your children. That is how we can keep improving them. That is what we need your feedback for.

The Book Design

You will know how negative the constant struggle with tricky words can be for a child in normal early reader books. In these books they can read each word successfully  and feel their confidence growing.

The 32 book set is split into 16 pairs of books that progress through the first 16 phonic steps of development. As the children progress through your early phonics curriculum, they will be able to decode every word using basic phonics rules, with the exception of one or two exception words that we introduce in each step.

The letter sequence used for the 16 steps is: 1) S/A/T/P  2) I/N/M/D  3) O/G  4) C/K  5) E/H  6) U/R  7) B/F  8) L/W  9) J/V  10) X/Y  11) Z/Q  12) A_E  13) I_E  14) O_E  15) U_E  16) E_E. 

It does not need to be a perfect match to your curriculum. So long as it is roughly similar it will be fine.

Exception Words

To allow the books to make sense, we do need a few extra words that are not so simple to decode. These 27 words are introduced slowly through the 16 steps, one or two at a time. 

They are: a, the, and, is, I, go, to, we, like, he, you, she, see, was, no, with, for, has, are, have, said, me, this, they, what, my and of. 

This slow introduction makes the added complexity easy to handle for most of the children.

Order Form

Here is the order form link. We hope you will be excited when you take delivery of them! You should get delivery within a few days. So please tell us if they do not turn up.

If you want to order extra books when you have seen these ones, that is of course possible using a purchase order. Just check our pricing for that.

When you get to the payment page, enter the discount code that we sent you.

A selection from our decodable book library, including books for later grades.

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